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Decisions: Potatoes

Common Name - Potato Chips

Question: Is "potato crisps" an acceptable alternative common name for "potato chips? (It is the British term for "potato chips").

Answer: Yes, the common name "potato crisps" is an acceptable alternative common name for "potato chips" on Canadian labels. In French, the terms "croustilles" and "chips" are both acceptable. (13/JL/92)

Vinegar Flavoured

Question: Can the flavour claim "Salt and Vinegar" be used to describe potato chips that contain acetic acid rather than vinegar?

Answer: No, potato chips flavoured with acetic acid rather than vinegar must not be described as "salt and vinegar". They may be described as "salt and vinegar flavoured potato chips", "salt and simulated vinegar potato chips", "salt and imitation vinegar potato chips" or "salt and artificial vinegar potato chips". In the list of ingredients, the ingredient name "acetic acid" should be used, not "simulated vinegar flavour".

This decision is consistent with others taken regarding the claim "flavoured". For example, a "chocolate candy" must contain chocolate as per the standard in the Food and Drug Regulations but a "chocolate flavoured candy" may contain only cocoa or artificial chocolate flavour. "Cherry ice cream" is expected to contain some cherry ingredient such as cherries or cherry extract or natural cherry flavour, but "cherry flavoured ice cream" could simply contain artificial cherry flavour. An orange drink is expected to contain some orange product, while an "orange flavoured drink" is not. (AL 13/94)