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Decisions: Snack Foods

Trail Mix - Common Name for Trail Mix

Question: Is a name such as Trail Mix or Harvest Blend, or other similar names such as California Mix, Sunshine Mix, etc. acceptable as a common name for a snack food consisting of various combinations of dried fruits, nuts, cereals, pretzels, candies, etc.?

Answer: No objection is taken to a common name such as "Trail Mix", "Harvest Blend", etc. It is not necessary to include additional words or descriptions, such as "snack", or a partial list of ingredients.

Common names such as "Trail Mix", "Harvest Blend", etc. are considered to be the names by which these foods are generally known as they have been commonly accepted for many years by Canadian consumers, especially campers, hikers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Many of the names are also recognized abroad. The specific content of these mixes can be determined from the list of ingredients.