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Decisions: Water

Electrolysis, Microfiltration, Super Alkaline Organized, pH Claims

Question: 1) Are the treatments by electrolysis and microfiltration required to be declared in bottled water?
2) Can the claims "Super alkaline organized" and pH content be made on bottled water labels?

Answer: 1) Section B.12.009 of the Food and Drugs Regulations requires the declaration of any treatment that a bottled water, other than spring or mineral water, have undergone with the exception of certain processes such as filtration. The treatment must be declared on the principal display panel of the package.

The microfiltration treatment is exempted from declaration but the electrolysis treatment is required to be declared. The treatment may be declared as treated by "electrolysis" or "electrolyzed".

2)  General factual claims such as alkaline and pH content may be declared but not "super" or "organized".

(Headquarters, August 2004)