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Charity Steeves: A passion for numbers, a zest for life

picture - Charity Steeves

You'd think a week in Spain would be enough to seal the deal.

But no, instead of pursuing a career devoted to travel and tourism, of leading a life dedicated to sunny places and exotic locales, Charity Steeves opted for what has since become her real passion in life.


"Actually, it's a lot more than just the numbers," says the 24-year-old clerk who works in the Accounts Receivable Service Centre in Moncton. "It's solving problems and unraveling mysteries. It's learning about what's behind the numbers."

And it all happened by accident.

"I had been in Spain, a trip I took as part of my course in travel and tourism at Oulton's College," Charity explains. "I was driving home with my father when I saw a sign put up by a placement agency. I was fresh out of school and without a source of income, so I decided to give them a call."

Less than a month later, Charity was doing data entry at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) in Moncton, New Brunswick. She was there nine months before her term ended.

"About a month later, I was talking to my old supervisor. He mentioned, if I was interested, that there might be an opening in the near future."

As it turned out, "the near future" arrived quickly and soon, Charity was back at her old job.

Almost immediately, Charity realized she was doing what she wanted to do, in one form or another, for the rest of her life.

"The truth is - and people might shoot me for saying this - numbers to me are just pure heaven. And here, in the invoicing section, I'm not tied to a computer. I'm constantly dealing with people in different departments, getting to know them and what they do." That, says Charity, is a major part of what brings her precious numbers to life.

Certainly, her passion for numbers has not escaped the attention of others. Charity is increasingly sought out to help others solve any accounting or billing problems that might arise.

Charity is also looking for help, specifically in doing what she can to bring her love of numbers to the next level. She's currently applying for a supervisory training course and says she's eager to take an accounting course. In the long-term, she hopes to acquire a degree or diploma in accounting.

"As I learn more about what we do - mainly through my job in the mailroom - I can see myself staying right here at the CFIA," she says. "I enjoy my work and I enjoy the people."