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Values and Ethics

Statement of Values

Our Values

As employees of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency . . .

  • We value scientific rigour and professional and technical competence. These play a crucial role in our decision making. We do not manipulate science to achieve a desired outcome but acknowledge that other factors must be taken into account in this decision making.
  • The reputation and credibility of the Agency are vital to our ability to deliver our mandate. As such, we behave, internally and externally, in a way that trust is preserved.
  • We are proud of the contributions we make to the quality of life of Canadians. We value dedication and responsiveness from all employees day to day and, particularly, during an emergency.
  • We value competent, qualified and motivated personnel, whose efforts drive the results of the Agency.
  • To develop effective policies and strategies, we value the perspectives of the stakeholders who are affected by our decisions.
  • We maintain our regulatory independence from all external stakeholders. We have the courage to make difficult and potentially unpopular decisions and recommendations, free from personal bias.
  • We are committed to our physical and psychological well-being.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Its Regulated Parties, Stakeholders and Partners: An Ethical Relationship

This brochure and fact sheet explain the values under which all of CFIA employees are expected and obligated to operate; the main tenets of the Agency’s Code of Conduct and its Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment Code; and an explanation of what this means to the Agency’s regulated parties, stakeholders and partners.

Policy on the Responsible Conduct of Research and Development

This policy outlines the criteria and guiding principles for conducting research and development at, or on behalf of, the CFIA. It provides an explicitly stated ethical framework within which all research and development should be conducted in, or for, the CFIA.