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Peter DeSouza: Getting His Nose Into It

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picture - Peter DeSouza

You might think twice about bringing Peter DeSouza with you to a fancy seafood restaurant. He is likely to pick up the plate and give the fish a good smell. Peter, a Mississauga-based fish inspector, has a very sensitive sense of smell. And he uses it to protect Canadians.

Peter's day takes him to some of the country's largest fish importers to inspect products and collect samples for testing. Back at the lab, the samples go through various tests. This is when Peter puts his nose to work, smelling for bad fish products, and making sure the products are safe for Canadians to eat. As one of the CFIA's sensory specialists, he also helps fellow inspectors refine their sense of smell.

"My father worked at Canada Customs, so I guess verifying the safety of products coming into the country is in the blood."

He has been called a fish cop because of his power to seize or detain, and his most powerful weapon is his nose.

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