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Martin Dupont: Administration With Feeling

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picture - Martin Dupont

Passion is not listed in his job description, but follow Martin Dupont around for a day and you will quickly see how important it is to the work he does for the Quebec Area's St. Hyacinthe and Longueuil labs.

"I'm passionate about what I do to make the labs' administration run smoothly. And our scientists are equally passionate about their research—together we get a lot accomplished," says Dupont, an administration and projects officer for the labs.

Staff in the laboratories come to Martin for many reasons. He makes sure projects respect milestones and processes, and he's a "super" user and training specialist for a host of application software. Because of his knowledge and the respect his colleagues have for his work, Martin was chosen as President of the Quebec wing of the Youth Network.

"I care a lot about the knowledge our senior staff have and about it being transferred to the Youth Network members. Helping the Agency maintain the best and brightest is so important, because they will become our future leaders."

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