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Eliza Yue

My name is Eliza Yue. I am the Regional Recall Coordinator for the province of BC.

For me, every day is in fact a different day. For example, today when I came into my office I didn't expect that we have this ice cream recall and that we need to immediately organize people.

For our kind of work, food recalls and food safety investigation, communication and coordination, they are essential.

There's no question that there's team work everywhere in every single program. And, I think it's very unique for an organization like the CFIA to be able to have so many inspectors in different programs and then they're working together, you know, so close together as different work teams. And, it's just a unique situation and I really am happy that I'm a part of this bigger team.

For us to be able to communicate more effectively with Asian consumers, definitely we should make use of channels other than Internet, because really truly many of these families they don't have access to Internet. And, for us to reach out to them we're going to have to utilize TV, radio and even newspaper.

I think it's a privilege to me to be able to reach out the Chinese community on behalf of the Agency and preach some very important messages, whether it's about CFIA itself or whether it's about our mission or just information we want them to know. Maybe it's information related to food safety.

From farm to fork, everybody has a role to play, so it's important for us to be able to send these messages out. And for me to be able to do that, to get so close to the Chinese community and to send that message, it's important, make me feel good about what I do.