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Policy on Values-Based Staffing

December 1, 2010

Effective Date

This Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA or “the Agency”) policy takes effect December 1, 2010 and revokes and replaces the CFIA Staffing Values, approved June 11, 2002.


This policy applies to all CFIA staffing.


Under section 13(1) of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act, the President has the authority to appoint the employees of the Agency, and therefore to establish the requirements for Agency staffing.

Policy Statement

CFIA managers have the right and responsibility to undertake staffing in a manner that will meet business needs and objectives and support the CFIA Vision, Mission and Values. The CFIA subscribes to a values-based approach to staffing, which provides managers with the discretion to choose from various staffing options, and an ethical framework to guide management discretion.

Policy Objective

To establish:

  • the values to be used to guide management discretion in staffing; and
  • the manner in which these values are to be applied in choosing and implementing a staffing option.

Policy Requirements

Staffing Values

The CFIA will strive, in its staffing, to achieve:

Staffing ensures that CFIA employees have the qualities, skills and other attributes required to perform their duties effectively.

Staffing is free from political influence.

Staffing is planned and conducted so as to treat individuals fairly and equitably and to achieve an objective outcome.

Communications on staffing are straightforward and honest.

In accordance with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act, the diversity of the CFIA's workforce reflects that of the available labour market.

Staffing promotes appropriate access to employment opportunities.

Efficiency and Effectiveness
Staffing is planned and conducted having regard to time and cost, and linked to business requirements.

Application of Staffing Values

It is recognized that the application of the staffing values may differ for each staffing action, to meet varied Agency objectives and business requirements. Therefore, to achieve an appropriate balance of the staffing values in a specific staffing action a manager should:

  • analyse the context in which staffing is being undertaken, to determine the relative importance of each of the staffing values in that situation;
  • examine the staffing options available to determine which option provides an appropriate degree of support to each of the staffing values in that situation; and
  • continue to consider the appropriate application of the staffing values throughout the implementation of the chosen staffing option.


CFIA managers are responsible for appropriate consideration and application of the CFIA staffing values in choosing and implementing staffing activities and must be prepared to explain their staffing decisions.

Human Resources Branch is responsible for providing information and advice with regard to the CFIA staffing values and the implementation of values-based staffing.


Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act


Enquiries concerning this Policy should be directed to the local Human Resources Advisor.