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The Persons Case, 1927-1929
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Suggested Readings

Although the Famous Five are perhaps best known and most honoured for their work on the "Persons" Case, their interests and concerns were wide ranging. The National Library of Canada houses publications by and about these women, which highlight their involvement in the temperance and women's suffrage movements, as well as their literary and political activities.

Several of the women are the subjects of full-length biographies. Their social reform efforts and ideas are discussed in academic studies on suffrage and social activism. Only a small selection of the published writings of the Famous Five has been included here. These range from a pamphlet on temperance worker Sara Rowell Wright, to a speech delivered at a United Farmers of Alberta election rally, to one of the popular novels written by Emily Murphy, under the pseudonym of Janey Canuck.

  • International Implications of the "Persons" Case - by Vivien Hughes
  • The "Persons" Case - by the Honourable Gérald-A. Beaudoin, Senator
  • Are Women Persons? The "Persons" Case - by Monique Benoit
  • Celebrating Women's Achievements
  • Nellie L. McClung
  • Louise McKinney
  • Henrietta Muir Edwards
  • Emily G. Murphy
  • Irene Parlby
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