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Captain Newfoundland No. 1 (1981); Atlantis No. 1 (ca. 1983).


Geoffrey Scott (Geoffrey and Scott Stirling) – Captain Newfoundland No. 1; Atlantis No. 1.


Danny BulanadiCaptain Newfoundland No. 1; Atlantis No. 1. Boris Vallejo – Atlantis No. 1.


Captain Canada is a spinoff from the "Captain Newfoundland" strip that first appeared in the Sunday Herald in 1979-80. The character has been promoted for over two decades by Geoff Stirling and has appeared in comics, graphic albums and animated TV programmes. Stirling has also had a Captain Canada costume designed and has hired actors to appear in person as the character in Newfoundland, Ontario and Arizona.


Daniel Eaton is selected by Captain Newfoundland (a.k.a. Captain Atlantis and Samadhi) to become Canada's national superhero, Captain Canada. Eaton is given a powerful costume and is then, through encounters with various superheroes and goddesses, taught about the many levels of consciousness and sources of mental power.

Other Identity:

Daniel Eaton.


Red-and-white armour/tights with white maple leaf on chest, visor, and gold arm bands, belt, trunks and boots


Captain Canada's costume consists of fantastic armour which is controlled by brain waves, which can produce a force field and has magnetic power, a built-in computer and lasers. As well, the armour permits Captain Canada to fly and to become invisible. Captain Canada can also create holographic images of himself and can pass through material objects. Finally, Captain Canada has innate mental powers, which he has developed under the tutelage of Captain Newfoundland and other super-beings.


Montreal is Captain Canada's home city; however, he has adventures in various Canadian communities.


Captain Newfoundland, Captain Freedom, Mademoiselle, Nightworld, Japan, Veena.

Summary of Major Adventures/Enemies:

1. KIDNAPPERS (Atlantis No. 1) Not long after acquiring his new identity, Daniel Eaton sets out for Montreal, where he is to launch his career as Captain Canada. He picks up a beautiful model named Kelly, who is on her way to Toronto. The two stop at a diner for a bite to eat. Kelly is mistaken for Miss Canada and is kidnapped by two punks. Eaton pursues the two kidnappers and quickly nabs them and delivers them to the RCMP.

2. SUPER-MAFIA, REMLIN, & SHO-GUN WARRIOR (Atlantis No. 1) As Captain Canada becomes accepted as Canada's national superhero – particularly by the nation's children – he finds himself summoned by mental commands to go west. Travelling to Western Canada he meets Captain Freedom, who belongs to the tribe of the Great Spirit and who instructs him in the virtues of free enterprise and personal freedom. Back in Montreal the Captain confronts a second super-being, the telepathic goddess Mademoiselle, who teaches him about culture and emotion. Meanwhile, agents of Super-Mafia go to Japan to buy a Sho-Gun-Warrior robot, which they intend to use in a plot to kidnap Queen Elizabeth II, who is about to visit Canada to promote national unity.

Captain Canada is then summoned from his sleep by Freedom and Mademoiselle to prepare him for his fight with the Sho-Gun. Later he is visited by Captain Newfoundland, who teaches him about the various levels of consciousness and leaves him with a huge stone volume, the Holy Gospel of Consciousness. Meanwhile, it is revealed that the plot to kidnap Queen Elizabeth is actually the work of the super-being Remlin, who represents the Dark Side (negativity, etc.). The Captain next meets the goddess Nightworld, who summons the Eastern superhero Japan to warn Captain Canada about the Sho-Gun Warrior. Japan directs the Captain to the Holy Gospel of Consciousness, where he learns of the Power of Love and meets first Veena, the Goddess of Love, and then Christ. Following these encounters, the Captain's mask reflects the cosmos, symbolizing his spiritual growth.

Meanwhile, the Sho-Gun Warrior arrives on Parliament Hill, where Wayne Gretzky, armed only with a hockey stick, tries to protect the Queen and Prince Charles. Captain Canada battles with the robot, using his power to create holographic images as a diversion so that he can attack Sho-Gun from the rear, but the robot seems to have the upper hand. The Captain then enters another plane of consciousness and passes inside the robot, into its control room, where he finds Remlin and his minions. Captain Newfoundland then arrives to assist Captain Canada, sweeping the minions of Remlin away in a tide of consciousness. Newfoundland then has an epic battle with Remlin, who is one and the same as the magician Merlin. As Remlin/Merlin and Newfoundland fight, Captain Canada destroys the Sho-Gun robot. At the same time, Newfoundland triumphs over the evil Remlin. (Whew!)


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