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Guardians of the North
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Fuddle Duddle Nos. 4-5 (1972)


Peter N. Evans


Stanley R. Berneche


Appeared three years after the appearance of Gary Dunford's Captain Canada on CBC Radio's Gerussi!. The original concept for the comic book character came from Robert Norton. Captain Canada's first adventure is dedicated to Stan Lee of Marvel Comics.


Captain Canada embodies the North and was created when a meteor charged with karma crashed into the fertile muck of the Canadian northland. The muskeg surrounding the crater where the meteor crashed still retains power and is used by Captain Canada (in Astérix-like fashion) to sustain his super-powers. The Captain lived alone in the North until he rescued a child, who was the lone survivor of a plane crash. After eating some of the magic muskeg, the boy became super-brilliant, and was able to teach the Captain about civilization, while the Captain instructed the child in the ways of nature.

Other Identity:



No. 4: Red-and-white tights, visor, moose antlers, and maple leaf on cowl. No. 5: New uniform with maple leaf on chest and no visor.


When he ingests the magic muskeg, "the vast pent-up energy resources of the true Canadian North" are released.




Beaver Boy (Beav), his constant companion, and Pamela (Pam), Beav's constant companion

Summary of Major Adventures/Enemies

1. THE MEDIA MASTER (Fuddle Duddle No. 4) Captain Canada and Beaver Boy arrive at an unlocked TV station. As they wander through the seemingly empty building, they hear cries for help and rush to the aid of a young woman, who is being attacked by a robot camera. Ingesting magic muskeg, the Captain attacks and destroys the robot. Beav investigates and discovers that the camera had been programmed to destroy "Prying Pam." It turns out that Pam, a student of Prof. McViewin, is preparing a study on power structures in the communications media. Pam explains that she has learned of the existence of a mysterious figure, the Media Master.

After recounting his origin, Captain Canada returns to the studio with Pam and Beav. Pam is snatched and pulled into a matter transmitter! Beav and the Captain follow, but Captain Canada's supply of magic muskeg is turned into useless powder. While Beav leaves to look for a way to reconstitute the powder, Captain Canada is captured by the Media Master, who threatens to broadcast the Captain and Pam into the void of space. The Media Master also reveals that he is – surprise! – bent on world domination. Beav arrives just in time with the reconstituted magic muskeg, which permits the Captain to destroy the Media Master.

2. ANARCHISTS The Captain, Beav (now sans costume), and Pam are on their way to Ottawa so that the Captain can get involved in the federal election campaign. Beav, on the other hand, has become a rebel and no longer believes in the system. On their way into Ottawa they pass a group of peaceful demonstrators. The Captain – looking far more buffoonish than in his first adventure – attacks "the commies." The police arrive and, much to his surprise, attack and arrest the Captain, whom they perceive as a commie.

While the Captain languishes in jail, Beav and Pam get stoned. Eventually, though, they bail out the Captain and take him to a hippy pad. The Captain can't understand the freaks and decides to go to a tourist home the next morning. At the home he is approached by a group of anarchists who supply him with TNT. Thinking that the explosives are fireworks, the Captain takes them to a campaign kick-off on the Hill. Beav, who realizes that the Captain is carrying TNT, eagerly offers his assistance as Captain Canada inadvertently prepares to blow up Parliament! Once on the Hill, though, the Captain realizes that he has been duped, so he angrily pops some magic muskeg and attacks the nefarious anarchists. Again the Captain is arrested, but Prime Minister Trudeau intervenes, and the Captain is finally recognized as a hero and as "an involved Canadian."


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