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February 5, 1996: Artspeak in Renaissance Italy. Column by H.A. Fraser.
February 12, 1996: Art Business Magazine : Commerce and Art. by H.A. Fraser.
February 18, 1996: A Tale of Taxes. Column by Jack Moore.
February 26, 1996: Selling 'Legitimate' Art: The Drabinsky and Friedland Galleries. by H.A. Fraser.
March 4, 1996: Why I am/am not a professional artist. Column by Celia Sage.
March 11, 1996: My mind in Malaysia, my butt in Owen Sound. by Jim Sebesta.
March 11, 1996: Art Business News, Arts Institutions Smelling the Coffee.
March 18, 1996: The Artist at Odds with Society: the historical roots of the artistic avant-garde. Column by H.A. Fraser.
March 25, 1996: The Visual Artist Today: more powerful than a locomotive? by H.A. Fraser.
April 1, 1996: Dealing with Mr. Tax Man. Column by Jack Moore.
April 8, 1996: Towards a Commercial Art Museum: an inevitable and healthful direction? by H.A. Fraser.
April 15, 1996: When Elbow Grease Is Not a Virtue: overworking your art. Column by Celia Sage.
April 22, 1996: Claude Monet, a 19th century businessman. by H.A. Fraser.
April 29, 1996: The Visual Artist at Odds with the Mass Market. Column by H.A. Fraser.
May 6, 1996: Growing into an Art Businessperson, Part I: Reversing the Downward Spiral of Quality in Canadian Art. by Tammy Love.
May 13, 1996: Two Nails in the Wall: keeping business records. Column by Jack Moore.
May 20, 1996: Growing into an Art Businessperson Part II: some thoughts on importing art and selling it in Southern Ontario. by Tammy Love.
May 27, 1996: Artistic Saints and Trollops. Column by Celia Sage.
June 3, 1996: The Cultural Property Donation Program in Review. by Stephen P. Sweeting, Appraisal Associates, Toronto, Ont.
June 10, 1996: Advertising is Art. Column by H.A. Fraser.
June 17, 1996: Economics and some Economic Perceptions of the Art Market. by Prof. W.G. Morrison, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ont.
June 24, 1996: Insuring your Business. Column by Jack Moore, C.A.
July 1, 1996: Quizzing the Ontario Arts Council. by H.A. Fraser.
July 8, 1996: Diary of an Art Show. Column by Celia Sage.
July 15, 1996: Dear Mrs. Lodholz.... the art reproduction market, a new cultural industry. by Christine Rioux, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.
July 22, 1996: Self-fulfilling Prophecy in Post-Secondary Visual Arts Education. H.A. Fraser.
July 29, 1996: Visual Art in the Public School System: a secondary school teacher's view of the impact of technology, de-streaming and limited class time. by Peter Hickey, Belleville, Ont.
August 5, 1996: Business Advisors. by Jack Moore, CA.
August 12, 1996: Visual Art in a Private School: nurturing imagination. by Michele Neil, artist and teacher, Picton, Ontario.
August 19, 1996: A Bloody-Minded Approach to Art Business: a practical guide for the emerging artist. by Celia Sage, Visual Artist.
August 26, 1996: Who's Afraid of Jim Keirstead? by H.A. Fraser.
August 26, 1996: Art Business News: Copyright Bill progresses to second reading stage; Provincial measures would see arts "self-reliant"; Against the wall, the Art Gallery of Hamilton; Community standards testing for the visual arts in Alberta.
September 1, 1996: The Business of Art, Overcoming the Fear of Selling. by Lj Bury, art business adviser, Sterling, Virginia.
September 8, 1996: An interview with the curator: the emotional issue of exhibition relevance in the art museum. Heather Fraser interviews Gregory Klages, freelance curator, Staff Writer for Id Magazine (Ontario) and Promotion Coordinator for the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ontario.
Sept. 15, 1996: Sink, Swim or Starve: alternatives for Canadian artists faced with government cuts to funding. by Jack Moore.
Sept. 22, 1996: The Bottom Line. by F. Michael Wells, Visual Artist, San Francisco.
Sept. 29, 1996: Art in a New Context: does the white glare of the modern gallery enhance sales? by Celia Sage.
Sept. 29, 1996: Letters to the Editor.
Oct. 6, 1996: "Most Artists Steal Their Ideas, I Pay for Mine", a profile of artist/industrialist Mark Kostabi. by Gregory Klages, Promotion Coordinator, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ontario.
Oct. 6, 1996: Art Business News: Cuts to culture...; CAPPRT certifies artists' assoc.; Copyright Reform; Cdn Heritage Collection, usign art as a tax shelter; Ont. Gov't "businessplan" for culture ministry; Some Toronto artists ponder the art system...; McMichael Cdn Art Collection, seed donors sue...; $4.5-million Horne collection up for sale.
October 13, 1996: Uncover Buyer Concerns, Ask the Right Questions. by Lj Bury.
October 20, 1996: Contemporary Art as an Investment, Part I: the value of an artist's reputation. by H.A. Fraser.
October 27, 1996: Charitable Contributions and Gifts: no free lunch. by Jack Moore, CA.
November 3, 1996: Knowing the "Numbers" of Art: a key to making successful sales. by Rick Boychuk, Salesman and Business Owner, Ontario.
November 11, 1996: Contemporary Art as an Investment, Part II: speculation, artifice or magic. by H.A. Fraser.
November 18, 1996: New Valuation Approach Raises Hackles of Art Donors and Gallery Staff. by Stephen Sweeting, Partner, Appraisal Associates, Toronto.
November 24, 1996: By George! The Crank and the Case of the Amorphous Twaddle. by H.A. Fraser.
December 1, 1996: Qualifying. by Rick Boychuk.
December 8, 1996: Investing Your Money. by Jack Moore, CA.