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The Black Loyalist Society maintains a complex of related historic sites in Birchtown NS. The complex encompasses a National Historic Monument commemorating the Black Loyalists, the Birchtown Schoolhouse Museum, and St. Paul's Anglican Chapel. Guided tours of the Archaeological complexes in the area are also sometimes available, contact the society to make arrangements in advance for your group.

The society maintains a small museum in the old Birchtown schoolhouse on the Old Post Road in Birchtown. The building was built sometime between 1830 and 1860. The original schoolmaster was Roswell Brown, brought to the community to teach in 1825 by the Church of England and the Associates of Dr. Thomas Bray (an organization concerned with the well-being of former slaves). There are no early land deeds pertaining to the property, but school records from 1828 state that Roswell's school is provided by subscription of 25 pounds per year from the people of the community. The society keeps a small collection of archaeological artifacts on site, as well as various videos and displays.

St. Paul's Anglican Church served as a place of worship for the entire community of Birchtown. A congregation was organized at Birchtown in 1887 under the leadership of Reverend Henry How. During How's incumbency, fundraising for the building of the church began through teas, bazaars and concerts held by the congregation. Cash donations were also given as contributions to the project. Construction of the church was completed c.1905. The opening service was held on January 25th, 1905, with approximately 100 people in attendance and with Reverend Edward H. Ball as the priest in charge. The first wardens of the church were George S. Goulden and Howard Acker, and the first person to be baptized was William Penny.

The society purchased and began restoring this building in 1999, and it was completed and opened to the public in the spring of 2000. This charming small building is available for rental for weddings and special events.

There is also a national historic monument nearby, overlooking Birchtown Bay. The monument is thought to be at the site of the original graveyard. The area has been landscaped into a pleasant park with a beautiful view, and the monument's inscription is also quite moving in it's own right.

Photo of Museum
Birchtown Schoolhouse Museum
Photo of St. Paul's Church
St. Paul's Anglican Chapel
Photo of Heritage Canada Monument
Black Loyalist National Heritage Monument


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