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Photo: Cathy Holmes - Project Team. L-R Tony Pace, Darren Jacklin, Misty Cromwell, Jason Buchanan

We hope that you've found this site to be valuable and informative. If you'd like to contact the project team with questions or corrections, please e-mail us at

Tony Pace - Project Manager

Tony led the development of this web site. He created the functional design, technical framework, layout, and did most of the writing and editing.

Darren Jacklin - Documentary Specialist

Darren has transcribed and selected historical documents from the society's archives and has assisted with contacting historians to obtain historical material. If you're impressed with the quality and selection of original documentation, thank Darren.

Jason Buchanan - Art Director

Jason created all the site graphics as well as modifying many of the original images for inclusion in the site.

Misty Cromwell - Writer/Researcher

Misty helped with the writing for the story and people sections and assisted in obtaining and selecting historical documents for inclusion in the site.

Tina Elliot - Editing Assistant

Tina helped proofread our writing and helped fix some of the scanned documents. Tina was a a Katimavik intern with the society and the development team would like to sincerely thank her for her invaluable assistance.

Tony Pace - Photo by Cathy Holmes
Tony Pace
Darren Jacklin - Photo by Cathy Holmes
Darren Jacklin
Jason Buchanan - Photo by Cathy Holmes
Jason Buchanan
Misty Cromwell - Photo by Cathy Holmes
Misty Cromwell