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We have transcribed a number of original historical documents so that you can develop a sense of what life was like for the Black Loyalists. Our priority has been to transcribe those personal accounts that exist of their lives, so that our readers will develop a first hand feeling of what life was like for the Black Loyalists.

We freely encourage anyone who finds these transcriptions useful to include them in their own sites or cite them in their research papers, although we request that you include a link to this site if you do so. We hope that making primary sources available in this manner will encourage scholarship in this fascinating field.

Personal Accounts

Autobiographical descriptions of the life of life the Black Loyalists written by both blacks and whites.

Marrant's Journal | King's Memoirs | George's Life | Marrant's Narrative | Mission to America | Marston's Journal | Booth Excerpt | Dyott Excerpt | Jessop Excerpt


Letters to, from, and relating to the lives of the Black Loyalists.

Allstyne-Marrant | Annapolis Road | Blucke Pleads Mercy | Huntingdon - Marrant | Instructions to Lawson | Skinner Re: Perkins' Slave | Blucke Re: Roads | Burke Re: Perkins' Slave | Skinner-Dundas | Marrant-Huntingdon | Margaret Blucke-Marrant | Parr-Carleton | Marston Describes Shelburne | Slave Export | White Re: Emancipation | Request to Extend King's Bounty

Official Documents and Proclamations

Proclamations, treaties, muster lists, the Book Of Negroes, bills, survey records, land sales, and other official documents.

Lord Dunmore's Proclamation | Virginia Congress's Response | Treaty of Paris | Carleton's Orders | Book of Negroes | Muster Book of Birchtown's Blacks | Brindley Town Survey | Johnston Case | Annapolis Muster List | Sierra Leone Ad | Bill for Birchtown Survey | Farmer's Indenture | Slave Sale | Harris Indenture | Horton's Indenture | Farmer's Estate | Farmer's Will | George Buys Land | Postell Case | Road Petition - Birchtown | List of Indentured Servants | Colonel Blucke's Company | Blucke's Fine | Land Sale | Stay in NS Petition


A list of secondary sources and books we've found useful in the development of this site, historians who have assisted us in clarifying facts and obtaining primary sources, and useful Internet sites.

Muster Book of the Blacks at Birchtown
The Muster Book of the blacks in Birchtown - 1784.

More Documents

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