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Here, published online for the first time, is Clarkson's Mission to America, John Clarkson's first person account of his voyage to Nova Scotia to recruit Black Christian settlers for Sierra Leone.

Clarkson's story has many points of interest, but for our purposes the most important details are the contemporary letters from black leaders and his descriptions of the communities he visited while promoting the colony.

The book has been broken up into ten page sections for readability and ease of navigation. You can start by using the back and forward arrows or use this index page to jump directly to a section of interest.

Pages 31-42- Clarkson Told of Black Loyalists and travels there to recruit them.

Pages 43-52- Rumors of the destruction of Granville Town - Fear of Opposition - Description of Birchtown and Huts

Pages 53-62- Describes proposal to Blacks at Birchtown - Collects names of Those desiring to settle, Text of Handbill - Some encourage blacks to leave.

Pages 63-72- Talks with Parr - Letter from Blucke - Inspections of Health and Character.

Pages 73-82- Travels to Windsor - Petitions and Stories of Poor Blacks - Parr Dies - Letter from Blucke _ Letter from Clarkson Describing Situation.

Pages 83-92- Description of Parr's Repentance - Description of Funeral - Lydia Jackson - Peters arrives from NB and Digby.

Pages 93-102- Clarkson gives advice for the sucess of the Colony - Petition from Preston - Supplies and Procedures - List of Agents

Pages 103-112- Attends to many issues - Purchases Slaves and Indentures

Pages 113-122- Lists of Provisions - Camp near Preston - Christmas - Minor Petitions

Pages 123-129- Clarkson attends to minor matters, falling ill.

Pages 129-135- Signals - Captains Instructions

Pages 142-145- Instructions to the Settlers -

Page 150- Pays debts of those detained for non-payment

Pages 153-155- Clothing - Navigation Instructions

Page 157- Clothing Distributed

Page 159 - Provisions - Orders

Pages 160-169- Sets Sail - Illness on Board Ship - Captains Log - Arrives

Pages 170-173- Landfall - Discussion of Politics

Pages 174-175- Ships Depart

Pages 178-181- Final Thoughts

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