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This site was created by the Western Valley development Authority in partnership with the Port Royal 400th Anniversary Society and Parks Canada. It was developed with the support and input of numerous organizations and individuals in the community. The project was sponsored by Industry Canada's SchoolNet Digital Collections Program.

Web Development Team:

Caroline Jeppesen (Project Manager/Designer), Reagan O'Hara (Historian), Luke Gavel (Technician), Sarah Fox (Designer), Dawn Murphy (Technician/Designer).

Western Valley Development Authority staff involved in the project:

Janet Larkman (Project Coordinator), Brock Dickinson, Laurie Porter, Colin MacInnes.

Special Thanks to:

Alan Melanson, Fort Anne National Historic Site/ Historical Association of Annapolis County

Dr. Barry Moody, Acadia University, Port Royal 400th Anniversary Society

Dr. Brenda Dunn, Parks Canada

Brenda Thompson, Annapolis Valley Regional Library

Christien Lomax, Western Valley Community Net

Corrine Frantel, Annapolis Valley Regional Library

Darlene Ricker

David Raymond, College of Geographic Sciences

David States, Parks Canada

Dawn Campbell, Municipality of Annapolis

Edith Cromwell, Inglewood Baptist Choir

Chief Frank Muese Jr., Bear River Mi'kmaq Band

Gontran Trottier and
Francoise Lacasse

Greg MacEwan, Bear Town Baskets

Inglewood Baptist Choir

Intellectual Properties

Jeremy Foster

Jim How, Annapolis County Historical Association

Lillian Stewart, Parks Canada/Port Royal 400th Anniversary Society

Megan Kerr, Port Royal 400th Anniversary Society

Nadine Campbell, Municipality of Annapolis

Nova Scotia Archives

Nova Scotia Museum

O'dell House Museum

Parks Canada

Peggy Armstrong, Port Royal 400th Anniversary Society

Dr. Phillip Roberts, Port Royal 400th Anniversary Society

Robert Hersey, Municipality of Digby

Rob Furgueson

Shauna Johnson, Port Royal 400th Anniversary Society

Susan Tileston, Annapolis Region Community Arts Council

Theresa Bunbury, Parks Canada

Victoria Brooks, Municipality of Digby

Wayne Melanson, Port Royal Habitation National Historic Site

Wayne Morgan, Port Royal 400th Anniversary Society