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An Overview of History
The last several hundred years in Nova Scotia's Western Valley. In this section you will gain a better understanding of the unique characters and sequence of events which define the history of this region.
From Slavery to Sierra Leone
The story of a Black Loyalist woman, her escape from slavery in America, life in Nova Scotia and decision to leave the continent.

Signed, A British Officer
In 1806, a British naval officer wrote a letter depicting the events of his life. He explains the end of the American Revolution and the subsequent migration of Loyalists to Nova Scotia.
The Journal of a Scottish Knight
The Scots arrived in Nova Scotia in 1629. This is the journal of a Scotsman's adventure across the Atlantic. He explains his decision to leave Scotland and come to Nova Scotia.
Raising The Sails
Follow a master shipbuilder around the docks as he explains the techniques behind building a quality vessel and its importance to the economy.

The Legend of Membertou
Mi'kmaq Chief Membertou solidified a relationship with the French settlers. This is the tale of the legendary Membertou and the impact he had on the history of the Western Valley.
La Tour in L'Acadie
Charles de la Tour, son of Claude de la Tour,one of the first settlers to come to Acadie, recounts the story of his family's experience in the new world.
My Escape from Exile
In 1755, the Acadians were deported from Acadie. Listen as one young woman recalls the day she escaped deportation and tells how it changed her life.