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The website design team for this site is comprised of five people: Computer Systems Support Specialist Luke Gavel, Graphic Designer and Project Manager Caroline Jeppesen, Historical Research Coordinator Reagan O'Hara, and Graphic Designers Sarah Fox and Dawn Murphy.

Luke Gavel is a graduate of Nova Scotia Community College-Kingstec Campus, where he studied Computer Systems Management Support. He is currently employed full-time by the Western Valley Development Authority and has worked on other web sites for that organization. One such site is the West Nova Eco Site. Luke is also a volunteer for a CAP (Community Access Program) site.

Caroline Jeppesen is a graduate of Nova Scotia Community College-Truro Campus. She specializes in Multi-Media applications. She has helped in the construction of three CD-ROMs. The most noted of these is The Legacy of Valour, produced by Virtual Homes under contract to the Dept. of Veteran Affairs.

Reagan O'Hara will be graduating from Bishop's University in Quebec in December of 1998 with a degree in History with a minor in English. Among other historical research jobs, Reagan has worked on the Bridgetown Waterfront Development Project putting together a series of mini-museums along the Cyprus Walk: a self-guided historical walking tour of the town.

Dawn Murphy is a graphic designer who studied Programming at the Computer Training Institute in St. John, New Brunswick.

Sarah Fox graduated from the Applied Communication Arts Program of Nova Scotia Community College - Annapolis Campus. She is a multimedia designer and desktop publisher who specializes in 3-D graphics for the internet.