Guido Nincheri (Prato, 1885-Providence, R.I.,1973), was one of Canada's most important stained glass masters. In addition, he promoted the technique of buon fresco painting in North America. This website originates from documentation of some of Nincheri's religious and secular works held in the Atelier d'histoire Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and the Concordia University Slide Library Research Collections. Nincheri's religious and secular art is divided into three categories: Stained Glass, Fresco and Decoration - which includes other types of painting. The website contains descriptions of the techniques, glossaries of terms and examples for each category. A list of locations and a selection of books and websites about Nincheri's artistic creations are also offered.

Piece of stained glass found in the Nincheri Studio 1998

The art of Guido Nincheri 1999
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