List of works
Twin peaks
Ride the ravishing wave
I only have thighs for you
Banana Split
My Family
Dance of the maiden
Nude descending staircase with her cock in her hand
Egg Head

Twin peaks, 1996
Twin Peaks
Ride the ravishing wave
Ride the ravishing wave, 1995
Buffalo, 1992
I only have thighs for you
I only have thighs for you, 1995



Education: McMaster University; Mohawk College; Dundas Valley School of Art.

Exhibitions: 1996 Sisters and Bountiful Women - She's Back!.
1995 Studio ARES Gallery.
1994 The Birds & The Bees - Scene II, Esspresso Café
- The Birds & The Bees - Scene I, Framing Gallery
- Rethink, Rework, Recontextualize, Hammer Gallery.
1993 On the Edge, Broadway Cinema; Studio ARES Gallery
- It Came From a Sunday Drive - Part III, Hammer Gallery
- White Pyramid Studio - Walking Tour Downtown Walking Tour - Artist's Studio Tour.