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Animal Diseases

Animal diseases can threaten the health of Canadians and cause multi-million-dollar losses. Canada's reputation for being free from certain serious diseases enhances the international marketability of our animals, their products and by-products. To protect human and animal health, the CFIA conducts inspections and has monitoring and testing programs in place to prevent and control the spread of diseases to the livestock and poultry sectors.

Protecting the animal resource base begins long before animals enter the market. The CFIA carries out programs related to animal health and production to guard against the entry of foreign animal diseases and to prevent the spread of certain domestic animal diseases.

The CFIA must be notified of the introduction or presence of certain animal diseases in the domestic population, as outlined in the Health of Animals Act and Regulations

Diseases (A-M)

Diseases (N-Z)

Information we provide to private veterinarians includes: