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Collective Agreement Between CFIA and PIPSC regarding the Scientific and Analytical (S&A) Group Bargaining Unit

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Expiry Date: September 30, 2011

Part A - General

Article Subject
A1 Purpose of Agreement
A2 Recognition
A3 Application
A4 Official Texts
A5 Management Rights
A6 Rights of Employees
A7 Interpretation and Definitions
A8 Publications and Authorship

Part B - Working Conditions

Article Subject
B1 Hours of Work
B2 Shift Work
B3 Special Hours of Work Provisions SE Group
B4 Overtime
B5 Call-Back
B6 Standby
B7 Designated Paid Holidays
** B8 Travelling Time
B9 Scientific Research Allowances
B10 Leave-General
** B11 Vacation Leave
B12 Sick Leave
B13 Bereavement Leave
B14 Maternity and Parental Leave Without Pay
B15 Maternity - Related Reassignment or Leave
B16 Medical Appointment for Pregnant Employees
B17 Leave Without Pay for the Care of Immediate Family
B18 Leave Without Pay for Personal Needs
B19 Leave Without Pay for Relocation of Spouse or Common Law Partner
B20 Leave With Pay for Family-Related Responsibilities
** B21 Court Leave with Pay
** B22 Personnel Selection Leave with Pay
** B23 Injury-On-Duty Leave with Pay
** B24 Examination Leave
** B25 Other Leave with Pay
**B26 Other Leave without Pay
** B27 Career Development
**B28 Severance Pay
** B29 Statement of Duties
** B30 Registration Fees
** B31 Immunization
** B32 Technological Change
** B33 Safety and Health
** B34 Religious Observance

Part C - Staff Relations Matters

Article Subject
C1 Union Dues
C2 Use of Employer Facilities
C3 Information
C4 Stewards
C5 Leave for Staff Relations Matters
C6 Contracting Out
C7 Job Security
C8 Illegal Strikes
C9 Interpretation of Agreement
** C10 Grievance Procedure
C11 Joint Consultation
C12 Standards of Discipline
C13 Employees on Industrial Premises

Part D - Other Terms and Conditions

Article Subject
** D1 Part-Time Employees
D2 Employee Performance Review and Employee Files
D3 Employment References
D4 Sexual Harassment
D5 No Discrimination

Part E - Pay and Duration

Article Subject
E1 Pay
E2 National Joint Council Agreements
E3 Agreement Re-Opener
** E4 Duration

** Appendix A - Annual Rates of Pay

Article Subject
AG Agriculture Group
BI Biological Sciences Group
CH Chemistry Group
CO Commerce Group
EN Engineering and Land Survey Group
ES Economics, Sociology and Statistics Group
PG Purchasing and Supply Group
SE-RES Scientific Research Group
SE-REM Scientific Management Group
Pay Notes
Lowest Increment Tables
Appendix B Employment Transition
Appendix C Vacation Conversion Table
Appendix D Memorandum of Understanding on Red-Circling

** Asterisks denote changes from the previous Collective Agreement.

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