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Eliza Yue: Reaching Out to All Canadians

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picture - Eliza Yue

Eliza Yue knows what it's like to be mission-driven. As the Regional Recall Coordinator for British Columbia, she is on the cutting edge of the Agency's mandate—keeping potentially contaminated food off the shelves of Canadian stores.

"It's tremendously satisfying to know that the work we do has a direct benefit for the people we are trying to protect," says Eliza.

There really is no typical day for Eliza, who jumps from meeting to phone call to BlackBerry, chasing down different food commodities.

And when she is not directing a recall investigation, she can often be found doing what comes naturally—speaking her native Cantonese. Eliza, born in Hong Kong, is also part of the Agency's efforts to get food safety messages out to different audiences.

"If doing a radio or television interview in Cantonese can help us reach a broader audience, then I'm privileged to be able to make that contribution as well."

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