WILU 2014

Poster Sessions

Preparing English-Language Learners for the American Academy: New and Evolving Practices in Course-Integrated Information Literacy in International Student Programming

Creator: Liz Johns, Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries

The VCU Libraries has created a partnership with the university’s English Language Program to provide strategically outreach and support to international English language learners for the rigors of an American university.  Over the past year, the Libraries has been learning more about the ELP curriculum, and is working to integrate appropriate information literacy skills into these classes.  This poster will discuss the project’s progress, challenges, and successes, and the knowledge gained through building this new relationship.

Aboriginal Portal: Providing Information Instruction to Aboriginal Distance Students

Creator: Brian Gooyers, Western University

Through the synthesis of research on ICT access in native communities, information seeking behaviour and preferences of distance university students, and emerging reference technologies, this poster session will seek to identify best practices for the provision of reference services and resources to Aboriginal students enrolled in distance education. Findings may be used towards the design and implementation of a proposed learning and research portal for Aboriginal distance students.

Capturing our Value: The Collection of Instruction, Reference, and Research Support Statistics

Creators: Meagan Stanley & Marisa Surmacz, Western University

Assessment is probably one of the most difficult tasks to do well, but one that is crucial for our survival.  Our local branch realized we were not capturing all the work pertaining to instruction, reference, and research services.  We created an in-house database that collected all relevant data to help us better demonstrate our value to key players. This poster will outline the entire process, from the conception to the implementation of the statistical database.

Integrating E-Learning: First Steps, Ways Forward, and Challenges

Creator: Kathryn Neeley, Information Services Librarian, Quest University Canada

With an increasing number of students and information literacy instruction sessions, as well as a static number of librarians, we are considering new ways in which to teach effectively that still promote high quality instruction and student-library contact. We believe our undergraduates will benefit from a blended learning approach, and are exploring e-learning methods and content that can be implemented for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Cementing the Foundation: A Case Study Comparison of Two Different Teaching Platforms

Creator:  Tasha Maddison, University of Saskatchewan

This poster presentation will focus on the importance of creating and maintaining strong partnerships which allow for exploration, creativity, and innovation.  The poster will review the outcomes of a case study that compared instructional modules offered online or in-person.  We performed an assessment of student learning and an evaluation of the teaching platform in order to determine which teaching method was most effective for these students.

Phenomenographic Learners: Problem-based Approach to Information Literacy in the Context of Distance Education Students

Creator: Marta Samokishyn, Saint Paul University, Ottawa

This poster will address the concept of a phenomenographic approach to information literacy and will propose both theoretical and practical frameworks for applying this method in information literacy instruction for distance education students in the D. Min program at Jean-Léon Allie Library at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, ON.

Teaching Academic Integrity Online:  Inspiring Scholarly Success in First-Year Students

Creator: Amanda Kelly, Western University

The evolving information landscape has made defining and discerning academic integrity increasingly difficult for faculty, administration, and especially for students.  Tackling this issue in a recent e-initiative, Wilfrid Laurier University Library introduced first-year undergraduates to the scholarly sphere, inciting investment and pride in academic accomplishment. Embedded in Laurier Brantford’s core curriculum, the e-seminar focuses on retention and real-life application through multiple learning strategies.  This poster will highlight strategies for developing engaging and interactive online modules.

E-reading Instruction Tailored to the Needs of Senior Citizens: Preliminary Findings from the EDITS Project

Creators: Anabel Quan-Haase, Kathleen Schreurs, and Kim Martin, Western University

This poster outlines the preliminarily findings of the EDITS (Effects of Digital Information Technology on Seniors) study: an inquiry into the digital information habits of senior citizens.  Employing semi-structured interviews with 15 seniors (Ages 60+), this poster explores the adoption of e-reading technology by seniors to identify learning objectives to improve the information literacy of seniors and facilitate seniors’ inclusion in e-reading revolution."