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Issue #16: September 2006 [editorial]

Bringing Us Down
by Ruth Taylor

by Andrew Steinmetz

Celebrity Furniture
by Shane Jones

Muffin Loves Pink Pistol
by Zoe Whittall


[*] The Danforth Review archives fiction submissions for two years. Previous editions of The Danforth Review are archived with the Library and Archives Canada.

All fiction selected by Michael Bryson, except as noted.

ISSUE #1 - September 1999
Tom O'Brien, The Live One
Brian Panhuyzen, The Intoxication of Thought
Ken Sparling, Leave It Where It Falls
Tony Thomas, Forklift
ISSUE #2 - December 1999
Mark Schrutt, Towards Harrisburg
Monica S. Kuebler, Fantasia
ISSUE #3 - March 2000
Sari Colt, Disco Inferno
Sharon Eberhardt, Cotton Candy Dreams
Joy Hewitt Mann, Peter Pan in Bedlam
David Zakss, Rays of Debatable Intention
ISSUE #4 - September 2000
Bryan W. Jones, First Commandments and Second Amendments
Sharon Eberhardt, The Jackal
Deirdre Maultsaid, Authentic
Dimitri Nasrallah, Abbatoir
Deanna Symoski, When All Things Can Be
Gerard Varni, The Hole Between Them
ISSUE #5 - January 2001
Jane Halpern, Embassy
Ann Knight, What Dreams May Come
Ladd Moore, Jack Hardesty: When Red Ryder Got Took Prisoner
George Murray, The Bed
Sam Pitch, Hostess, My Hostess
Michael Twist, Door Number Three
ISSUE #6 - July 2001
Gabe Camozzi, Jacket Walk
Jean-Gérald Charbonneau, Mississippi Mon Amour
Jen Gouthro, The Camel's Hump
Lillie Papps, Self Defence
Diane Scott, Squeeze with Medium Pressure
ISSUE #7 - January 2002 (selected by Nathan Whitlock)
Joe Davies, You Can Expect a Beautiful Summer
Julia Guance, The Underwriter
Paul Glennon, The Man Who Would Not Believe
Greg Kearney, Bad Readings
Diana Kiesners, Irritant
John Lowry, The Saline Solution
Craig Taylor, The Beast
Darryl Whetter, A Sharp Tooth in the Fur
ISSUE #8 - September 2002 (selected with assistance from Harold Hoefle)
Brooke Biaz, Herman's Heart
Phil Jones, Bushed
Rebecca Lloyd, The Lobster Woman's Luck
Peter Vaughan, Plato's Flan
ISSUE #9 - March 2003
Tim Conley, The Watch
Keith Ebsary, Jesus Rides Beside Me
A.C. Koch, Crossdresser
Kabeera McCorkle, Evidence
Nichole McGill, The Witch of Belle's Grove
Patrick Roscoe, Mutilation
ISSUE #10 - September 2003
Judd Hampton, The Killing Frost
Zachary Houle, It Came From Nowhere
Louisa Howerow, Hairs
Greg Kearney, The Man Who Ate Babies
Gail Konop Baker, Pacifier
James Lewelling, Monkey Boxes
ISSUE #11 - March 2004
Thea Atkinson, Broken China 
Corin Cummings, excerpt from "Night Support"
Anthony De Sa, Only a Boy 
Janina Hornosty, Four Way Stop 
Yusouf Mohammad, A Birth in Sharjah 
Michael O'Neill, Poema Woman 
[Name redacted], Heroes 
Lisa Polisar, The Manolo Peninsula  
ISSUE #12 - September 2004
Jennifer Amey, Here is a Story I Wrote 

Silas Grey, Bluebells and Gravity Probe B

Shane Jones, Figure Four Leg Lock
Andres Kahar, The Protector

Joel Katelnikoff, Hijinx Ensue

Richard L. Provencher, Stuffed in a Box

J.J. Steinfeld, Estimating Distances

Barry Webster, An Interesting Story About a Fascinating Life
ISSUE #13 - March 2005
Brandon Cole, The High-Heeled Shoe
Misha Firer, Urban Decomposition
Avital Gad-Cykman, The Roots of a Mulberry Tree
Steve Hansen, Canada, Man. Canada! 
Hannah Holborn, Fog
Bernard Kelly, Previous Selves
Ellyn Peirson, Joey
Stacy Taylor, Gone Fishing
ISSUE #14 - September 2005
Lynda Curnoe, The Return: A Ghost Story
Renée Hartleib, Hiccups
Bruce Holland Rogers, Egypt
Jason Markowsky, On the Bridge
Donald McGrath, Ten Scotches
Philip Quinn, Silent Movie
Rhonda Waterfall, Brad's Harpoon & An Office Love Story & Found

 ISSUE #15 - March 2006

Corin Cummings, Little Bugs 
Teresa Kennedy, Ex Voto 
Matt Lennox, Men of Salt, Men of Earth 
Melia McClure, Edge
Kathleen Mullin, Lake Baby
Faruk Myrtaj (Translated by Arben Kallamata), The Last Window
Sarah Reid, The Unjustified Confidence of the Justifiable Man
J. J. Steinfeld, In the Opposite Direction







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