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Starting in September 2006, TDR will publish four new short stories every three months (i.e., in September, December, March and June). Submit here.

Please: only one story per writer per submission period.

Submissions for each issue will be received in the month prior to publication. For example, if you want your story to be considered for the September issue, send it to us in August. See table below for full details:

Submissions open Issue



MAY 2007

September 2006

December 2006

March 2007

June 2007

TDR submissions will be open in these four months only. Submissions sent in other months will not be considered. Submissions sent in for one issue will not be considered for the next issue. For example, if you send your story in August and it doesn't appear in the September issue, the editors are not storing it someplace for consideration at a later date. We try to send an email response to all submissions. Unfortunately, life and/or technology often interferes with these best laid plans. It's not you, or your story; move on with your life. You're a good person; you're a good writer; chin up and submit again.

What else?

  • All work remains copyright of the author.  

  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted; just tell us at the time of submission, please. 

  • Previously published work will not be considered for publication. 

  • The Danforth Review pays $100 (CDN) for a short story. 

  • We do not currently pay for reviews. See: Guidelines for reviews

  • International submissions are encouraged. 

  • Work will be kept on the website for two years and archived with the Library and Archives Canada.

Where should you send your submission?



  • No attachments, please
  • Paste your submission into the body of the email.

If you experience technical problems:

  • first try editor[at]danforthreview[dot]com
  • or try as a last resort mbryson[at]idirect[dot]com

Have an idea for a feature article/interview?

  • Contact our features editor at features[at]danforthreview[dot]com

Want to write and/or submit a book review?

  • Contact the editor at editor[at]danforthreview[dot]com

Want to submit your book for review?

  • Mail it to us at the address below. Though please be aware that we receive many more books than we can possibly review, and we do not consider TDR a "book review website."
  • If you have a poetry book, try these sites instead:

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