canadian ~ twenty-first century literature since 1999


a.e.m. - Solid as Echo Kane X. Faucher
Lillian Allen - Psychic Unrest (1999) Anne Lumley
Anthony Armstrong - Shirtless Tatoo (1999) Dan Reve
Margaret Avison - Concrete and Wild Carrot (2002) Joanna M. Weston
Ken Babstock - Mean (1999) Geoffrey Cook
Nelson Ball - Scrub Cedar (2003) Randy Nicholas 
Erinn Banting - The Blood Burns Though The Heart Might Break (2001) Nathaniel G. Moore
Brian Bartlett - Wanting the Day (2003) Joanna M. Weston
John Barton - Hypothesis (2001) Shane Neilson
David Bateman - Invisible Foreground (2005) Richard Stevenson
Bawdy Per Verse (Anthology) Joanna M. Weston
Kimmy Beach - Nice Day for Murder: Poems for James Cagney (2001) Shelagh M. Rowan-Legg
Henry Beissel - The Dragon and the Pearl (2002) Shane Neilson
Lance Blomgren - Walkups (2000) Michelle Reale
Ronna Bloom - Personal Effects (2000)  rob mclennan
Marianne Bluger - Scissor, Paper, Woman (2000) Joy Hewitt Mann
Marianne Bluger - Early Evening Pieces (2003) Jennifer Dales
Christian Bök - Enonia (2002) Michel Basilieres 
Stephanie Bolster - White Stone: The Alice Poems (1998) Geoffrey Cook
Stephanie Bolster - Pavilion (2002) rob mclennan
Roo Borson - Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida (2004) J. Mark Smith
Rita Bouvier - Blueberry Clouds (1999) Joanna M. Weston
George Bowering - His Life (1999) T. Anders Carson
Tim Bowling - Darkness and Silence (2001) Geoffrey Cook
Shannon Bramer - The Refrigerator Memory (2005)  Joanna M. Weston
Breathing Fire 2: Canada’s New Poets (2004) Bob Moore
Stephen Brockwell - Cometology (2001) Nathaniel G. Moore
Stephen Brockwell - Cometology (2001) rob mclennan
Diane Buchanan - Between the Silences (2005) Richard Stevenson
Alice Burdick - Simple Master & The Human About Us (2002) rob mclennan
Stephen Cain - Torontology (2001) Diana Fitzgerald Bryden
Trevor Carolan - Celtic Highway (2002) Randy Nicholas 
T. Anders Carson - Salt Pork and Sunsets (1997) Michael Bryson
T. Anders Carson - Stain (CD) (1999) Michael Bryson
T. Anders Carson - A Different Shred of Skin (2000) Joanna M. Weston
Adolofo Castanon - The Passing of Octavio Paz (2000) T. Anders Carson
May Chan - The Fifth Girl (2002) Michael Bryson
Weyman Chan - Before a Blue Sky Moon (2002) Richard Stevenson
Lien Chao - Maples and the Stream (1999) Joanna M. Weston
Margaret Christakos - Excessive Love Prosthesus (2002) Jennifer Dales
Margaret Christakos - Sooner (2005) Janine Armine
George Elliott Clarke - Execution Poems (2000) Geoffrey Cook
George Elliott Clarke - Blue (2001) Michael Bryson
Coastlines: The Poetry of Atlantic Canada (2002) Keith Ebsary
Eric Cole - Man & Beast (2005) Nathaniel G. Moore
Jann Conn - Beauties on Mad River (2000) Joanna M. Weston
Kevin Connolly - Happyland (2002) Alex Boyd
Allan Cooper - Singing the Flowers Open (2001) Geoffrey Cook
Terrance Cox - Radio & Other Miracles (2001) Eric Barstad
Brad Cran - The Good Life (2002) Nathaniel G. Moore
Lynn Crosbie - Queen Rat: New & Selected Poems (1998) Geoffrey Cook
Lynn Crosbie - Missing Children (2003) Erin Gouthro
Hume Cronyn - Rotten poetry fish (2000) T. Anders Carson
Rienzi Crusz - Lord of the Mountain: the Sardiel Poems (1999) Shane Neilson
Nancy Jo Cullen - Science Fiction Saint (2002) Richard Stevenon
Mary Dalton - Merrybegot (2003) Joanna M. Weston
John Degen - Killing Things (2002) Geoffrey Cook
Christopher Dewdney - The Natural History (2002) J.M. Smith
Chris Doda - Among Ruins (2001) Diana Fitzgerald Bryden
Jamie Dopp - The Birdhouse, Or (2002) Eric Barstad
Clive Doucet - Looking for Henry (1999) Michael Bryson
Lise Downe - Disturbances of Progress (2002) Laurie Fuhr
Gordon Downie - Coke Machine Glow (2001) Marc Ponomareff
Glen Downie - Wishbone Dance (1999) Shane Neilson
Rishma Dunlop - The Body of My Garden (2002) Joy Hewitt Mann
Che Elias - Meddles into Preclusion (2003) a.e.m.
Louise Fabiani - The Green Alembic (1999) Geoffrey Cook
Endre Farkas - In the Worshipful Company of Skinners (2003) Janine Armin
Jon Paul Fiorentino - transcona fragments (2002) Stephen Brockwell
Arran Fisher - Static Mantis (2000)  Richard Stevenson
Judith Fitzgerald - Adagios: Orestes’ Lament    (2004) Joanna M. Weston
Diana Fitzgerald Bryden - Learning Russian (2000) Mike Martin
Jason Gallagher - Three Chapbooks Michael Bryson
Jason Gallagher - if i could be a bird i'd be a cat (2000) Michael Bryson
Adam Getty - Reconciliation (2003) Tom Henihan
Marty Gervais - The Science of Nothing (2000) Joanna M. Weston
Sky Gilbert - Temptations for a Juvenile Delinquent (2003) a.e.m.
Susan Gillis - Volta (2002) Joy Hewitt Mann
Catherine Graham - The Watch (1998) Geoffrey Cook
Leslie Greentree - Guys Named Bill (2002) Richard Stevenson
Eldon Grier - Collected Poems (2001) G. Wesley Purdy
Gwendolyn Guth - The Flash of Longing (2000) Joy Hewitt Mann
Heather Haley - Sideways (2003) Eric Barstad
Hammer & Tongs Anthology (1999) Ibolya Kaslik
Vivian Hansen - Leylines of My Flesh (2002) Richard Stevenson
Tom Henihan - Almost Forgotten... (2002) TDR staff
Tom Henihan - Almost Forgotten... (2002) Nathaniel G. Moore
Tom Henihan - A Further Exile (2002) Zach Wells
Walter Hildbrandt - Where The Land Gets Broken (2004) Ted Harms
Clive Holden - The Trains of Winnipeg (2003) Nathaniel G. Moore
Ken Howe - Household Hints for the End of Time (2001) rob mclennan
I.V. Lounge Reader (anthology) (2001) Shane Neilson
Evan Jones - Nothing Fell Today But Rain (2003) Zach Wells
Penn Kemp - On Our Own Spoke (CD) (2000) Michael Bryson
Penn Kemp - When the Heart Parts: A Sound Opera (1999) T. Anders Carson
Marius Kociejowski - So Dance the Lords of Language (2003) Zach Wells
Patrick Lane (ed). - Mocambo Nights (2001) Shane Neilson
Patrick Lane (ed.) - Moving Small Stones (2003) Joanna M. Weston
Patrick Lane - Go Leaving Strange (2004) Shane Neilson
John B. Lee - In The Terrible Weather of Guns (2003) Nathaniel G. Moore
Sylvia Legris - Nerve Squall (2005) Michael Murphy
Shawna Lemay - Against Paradise (2001) Joy Hewitt Mann
Tim Lilburn - Kill-site (2003) J. Mark Smith
Billie Livingston - The Chick at the Back of the Church (2001) Diana Fitzgerald Bryden
Jennifer LoveGrove - The Scorpion Wife (1999) Michael Bryson
Jennifer LoveGrove - The Dagger Between Her Teeth (2002) Jennifer Dales
Nancy Mackenzie - The Illuminated Life (2002) Joanna M. Weston
Sue MacLeod - That Singing You Hear at the Edges (2003) Joanna M. Weston
Alice Major - Some bones and a story (2001) Craig Thompson
Nicole Markotic - Minotaurs & Other Alphabets (1998) rob mclennan
Hopi Martin - Harvest (2000) Michael Bryson
Seymour Mayne - Carbon Filter (1999) Dan Reve
Seymour Mayne - Light Industry: Humourous and Satirical Poems (2000) Joanna M. Weston
Seymour Mayne - Hail: Word Sonnets (2003) Shane Neilson
Seymour Mayne - Richocet (2004) Ted Harms
rob mclennan - bury me deep in the green wood (1999) Michael Bryson
rob mclennan - The Richard Brautigan Ahhhhhhhhhhh (1999) Michael Bryson
rob mclennan - bagne or Criteria for Heaven (2000) Michael Bryson
rob mclennan - stone, book one (2004) John Baglow
Julie McNeil - Four Red Crescent Moons (1998) rob mclennan
Kirk Miles - The Last Six Minutes of Elvis (2001) Richard Stevenson
Jay MillAr - False Maps for Other Creatures (2005) Kemeny Babineau
Pamela Mordecai - Certifiable (2001) T. Anders Carson
A.F. Moritz - Early Poems (2002) Shane Neilson
Wendy Morton - Undercover (2003) Janine Armin
Catherine Moss - Swallowing My Mother (2000)  Richard Stevenson
Erin Mouré - A Frame of the Book (1999) Ibolya Kaslik
George Murray - Carousel (2000) Geoffrey Cook
George Murray - The Cottage Builder's Letter (2001) Michael Bryson
George Murray - The Hunter (2003) Stephen Brockwell
Lyle Neff - Full Magpie Dodge (2000) Kathy Shaidle
Sharon H. Nelson - This Flesh These Words (2002) Zach Wells
Erin Noteboom - Ghost Maps (2003) Janine Armin
Northern Prospect: An Anthology of Northeastern Ontario Poetry (1999) Dan Reve
Kris Northey - Exhibit (2001) T. Anders Carson
David O'Meara - Storm still (1999) Dan Reve
David O'Meara - The Vicinity (2003) Anne F. Walker
Sina Queyras - SLIP (2001) rob mclennan
Pain Not Bread - Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei (2000) J. Mark Smith
Alessandro Porco - The Jill Kelly Poems (2005) Zach Wells
Pamela Paige Porter - Poems for the Luminous World (2002) Joanna M. Weston
Monty Reid - Flat Side (1998) rob mclennan
Harold Rhenisch - Free Will (2004) Richard Stevenson
Patria Rivera - Puti/White (2005) Richard Stevenson
matt robinson - A Ruckus of Awkward Stacking (2000) Shane Neilson
matt robinson - How we play at it: A list (2002) Shane Neilson
Stuart Ross - Hey, Crumbling Balcony (2003) Michael Bryson
Shelagh M. Rowan-Legg - Nitty Gritty: The Film Noir Poems (2000) Michael Bryson
Mari-Lou Rowley - Interference with the Hydrangea (2003) and Viral Suite (2004) rob mclennan
Norm Sacuta - Garments of the Known (2002) Alex Boyd
Ian Samuels - Cabra (2000)  rob mclennan
Richard Sanger - Shadow Cabinet (1997) Dan Reve
Bryan Sentes - Grand Gnostic Central and Other Poems (1998) Kathy Shaidle
Ed Shaw - All Day Fix (2000) Kathy Shaidle
Kenneth Sherman - The Well: New and Selected Poems (2000) Geoffrey Cook
Goran Simic - Immigrant Blues (2003) Alex Boyd
Goran Simic - From Sarajevo with Sorrow (2005) Alex Boyd
Anne Simpson - Light Falls Through You (2000) Geoffrey Cook
Sue Sinclair - Secrets of Weather and Hope (2001) Gilbert W. Purdy
Sue Sinclair - Mortal Arguments (2003) Gilbert W. Purdy
Mark Sinnett - Some Late Adventures of the Feelings (2000) Michael Teal
Karen Solie - Short Haul Engine (2001) rob mclennan
David Solway - The Lover's Progress (2001) Stephen Brockwell
Carolyn Marie Souaid - Satie’s Sad Piano (2005) Joanna M. Weston
Esta Spalding - Lost August: Poems (1999) Shane Neilson
Heather Spears - Required Reading. A witness in words and drawings to the Reena Virk Trials 1998-2000 by Heather Spears (2000) Joanna M. Weston
Bob Stallworthy - From a Call Box (2000)  Richard Stevenson
Carmine Starnino - The New World (1997) Geoffrey Cook
Carmine Starnino - Credo (2000) Geoffrey Cook
Richard Steeves - Cutting the Devil's Throat (1998) Dan Reve
Richard Stevenson - HOT FLASHES: Maiduguri Haiku, Senryu, & Tanka (2001) Ted Harms
Alison Stein - Lot of My Sister (2001) T. Anders Carson
John Stiles - Scouts Are Cancelled: The Annapolis Valley Poems (2003) Darren Greer
Matthew Sweeney - A Picnic On Ice (2002) Alex Boyd
Todd Swift - Café Alibi (2003) Donald McGrath
Bruce Taylor - Facts (1998) Geoffrey Cook
John Terpstra - Disarmament (2003) Gilbert Wesley Purdy
Souvankham Thammavongsa - Small Arguments (2003) John Baglow
Sharon Thesen - News & Smoke: Selected Poems (1999) Aidan Baker
Russell Thornton - House Built of Rain (2003) Tom Henihan
Fiona Tinwei Lam - Intimate Distances (2002) Joy Hewitt Mann
Yvonne Trainer - Tom Tree Persons (2002) Richard Stevenson
Rhea Tregebov - The Strength of Materials Diana Fitzgerald Bryden
Peter Trower - There Are Many Ways (2003) Alex Boyd
Peter Trower - Haunted Hills & Hanging Valleys: Selected Poems 1969-2004 (2004) Zach Wells
Mark Truscott - Said Like Reeds Or Things (2004) John Baglow
Jacqueline Turner - Into the Fold (2000) Robert Pierre Tomas
Various - Unheard of ... (CD anthology) (2000) Michael Bryson
Various - Exposed (2002) Joanna M. Weston
Various - The Backyards of Heaven: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry from Ireland and Newfoundland & Labrador (2003) Zach Wells
Various - New British Poetry (2004) Zach Wells
Paul Vermeersch - Burn (2000)  rob mclennan
Paul Vermeersch - Burn (2000) Robert Pierre Tomas
Paul Vermeersch - The Fat Kid (2002) Diana Fitzgerald Bryden
Rosalee Van Stelton - Pattern of Genes (2000)  Richard Stevenson
Anne F. Walker - The Last Exit (2003) Sarah Bonet
Zach Wells - Unsettled (2004) J. Mark Smith
Bruce Whiteman - The Invisible World is in Decline (2000) Geoffrey Cook
Sheri-D Wilson - Re: Zoom (2005) Richard Stevenson
John Wing Jr. - "...and the fear makes us special" (2000) T. Anders Carson
Christopher Wiseman - Crossing the Salt Flats (1999) Geoffrey Cook
Hawksley Workman - Hawksley Burns for Isadora (2002) Michael Bryson
Maury Wrubleski - Controlled Burn (1999) Joanna M. Weston
Terence Young - The Island in Winter (1999) Michael Bryson






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