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[*] The Danforth Review archives poetry submissions for two years. Previous editions of The Danforth Review are archived with the Library and Archives Canada.

Poetry for issues #1-3 selected by Michael Bryson. Issues #4-11 selected by Geoffrey Cook and Shane Neilson. Issue #12 selected by Geoffrey Cook.

ISSUE #1 - September 1999
Joe Blades, eagles onto my chest
Janet Buck, Napalm Stares
Janet Buck, The Lottery Ticket
Geoffrey Cook, Fanmail for L.C.
David Hunter Sutherland, Cypselae
David Hunter Sutherland, This Year of Jubilee
Linda Hutsell-Manning, The Grief House
Anne Lumley, Morninglory Farm
rob mclennan, love at the end of the century (after rhonda
Carrie Snyder, Blue
ISSUE #2 - December 1999
Carol Adams, Night Flight
Aidan Baker, In the Telling
T. Anders Carson, Standing on the Metro
Roy Challis, The Ambience of Halloween
Jason Gallagher, "don't try"
Jason Gallagher, I'm a Bum
Marianne Jones, At Three Things the Earth Shakes
Marianne Jones, Blue Fishes
Diane Tucker, the body of the poem
ISSUE #3 - March 2000
Janet Buck, Purple Cabbage
Roy Challis, Conversations with the Waitress
Reid Cooper, Ibn Battuta's Advice to an Adventurer
Eben Hensby, Household Love
Duane Locke, Lament of an Angel
rob mclennan, 24. the other eye the final hieroglyph
rob mclennan, 31. and how we slowly began to look like her
Shane Neilson, the witness employs retrospect
Robert Pierre Tomas, Salamander
Tom Schmidt, Confidence
Elana Wolff, Angel Food Cake
ISSUE #4 - September 2000
Douglas Brown, A Cyber-punk Sex Song
Alan D. Butcher, Experience
Jose Chaves, Anyone Can Be a Pirate
David O'Meara, Here's a Dog
David O'Meara, Fountain
Matt Robinson, Kicking Away at It
Gerard Varni, Upon the Skulls of Unbelievers
ISSUE #5 - January 2001
Ace Boggess, But My Chickens Still Have All Their Heads (& Don't Exist)
Roy Bentley, Conscripted
Dan Grossman, Guccione
Dan Grossman, West African Hydrology
Anne Simpson, Small Bones of Time
ISSUE #6 - July 2001
Stephen Brockwell, Stallion's Head
Catherine Graham, Snails & Trilobites
Roger Jones, The Umbilical
Cam McAlpine, Treading Water
Cam McAlpine, Bushed Also
Cam McAlpine, Sticks & Stones
Anne Pepper, Capriconicus
Anthony Robinson, Forgetting Form
ISSUE #7 - January 2002
Ed Carson, Taking Shape
Pino Coluccio, Salt Instead of Seed
Tim Conley, Smart Set
Katie Kadue, Restoration
Esther Mazarkian, The Rubber: Age 8
J. Mark Smith, Lullaby
Gerard Varni, Just A Kiss
ISSUE #8 - September 2002
Ozdemir Asaf, Outside In/Inside Out (trans. George Messo)
Lauren Carter, Fish Story
Richard Fein, Rosemarie
Jim Mackey, Getting Back to Lonely
Gilbert Purdy, American Cafe
Patrick Warner, The Pig Narrative
ISSUE #9 - March 2003
Eric Barstad, The Six Labours of Theseus
Andrew Dits, The Picking
Catherine Graham, Doll-Soul
Joel Kuper, Umbilical
Monique Tschofen, More gentle drownings
Camillo Venegas Yero, The Bridge Painters (translated by Rosalind Gill) 
ISSUE #10 - September 2003
Robert James Berry, Ocean Music
Douglas Brown, After Borges’ Amorosa Anticipacion
Melanie Cameron, Empty Now
Graham Catt, Trailorpark
Barry Dempster, Wings
Daniella Pateman, In a Single Afternoon
ISSUE #11 - March 2004
Mark Featherstone, Again by Flood
Ben Passikoff, Colder Thy Kiss
J. Mark Smith, Less than the Voice
Zachariah Wells, Bowhead
ISSUE #12 - September 2004
Robert James Berry, Sea Palling 
Stephen Brockwell, Bill McGillivray’s Cap 
Pino Coluccio, Sounds Like Summer
Iain Higgins, Bone, Beak, and Apples
Kenneth Sherman, The Wringer-Washer
A.Z. Wells, A Whiff of Mussle Mud
Cyril Wong, Boats 






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