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Guidelines for reviewers

Updated: August 2006

The rough length for a TDR review is 500-700 words, but we realize that different books require different lengths of reviews. The wordcount is a guideline only; as an electronic journal, TDR is not constrained by the need to fill up a certain amount of page space the way a print magazine or newspaper is. If you are reviewing two books within the same review, the overall word count per book might be less than average (though the overall length of the review could be about the same).


The review header should be:

by [author]
[Publisher], [Year]

Reviewed by [reviewer],

At the end of the review, please include a short (i.e. one or two sentence) bio of yourself.

You should send your review to the reviews editor (fiction or poetry) who sent it to you. Please send reviews:

    1. in the body of an email message, and
    2. attach as a WORD file as well.


Long quotations (more than two sentences) in the body of the review should be set off from the rest of the text, without quotation marks. Short quotations should be marked by quotations and can be included within the regular body of the review.


The editors may make changes to your review for grammar, spelling, or clarity. Feel free to discuss changes made to your reviews with the editors.


Please consider the deadline for the review one month after you receive the book. We recognize that it is not always possible to get reviews done before the deadline. Please discuss extensions with the reviews editor; it helps us to know when we can expect to hear from you.


TDR publishes reviews on an irregular basis. A couple a month on average.


TDR does not currently pay for reviews. Reviewers who are sent books are free to keep them.







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