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Some Late Adventure of the Feelings
by Mark Sinnett
ECW, 2000

Reviewed by Michael Teal

I've tried in any number of complicated and winding ways
to get down a little of what it is, this happenings core.

These lines begin a painfully revealing exploration of the machinations of love. Some Late Adventure of the Feelings, Mark Sinnett's second volume of poems captures the pain and triumph of being in love. The poems are sensitively and skillfully written, giving us a glimpse of Sinnett's innermost thoughts.

I am reticent to compare Sinnett's work with that of any other poet for fear it will diminish this exquisite work of art. The flowing lines and sensory images capture poignantly the pain and triumph of being in love. Elegant and deeply personal, Some Late Adventure of the Feelings is destined to follow in the footsteps of Sinnett's first volume of poems, the award winning "The Landing".

Poetry is at its core emotion and with this latest foray, Sinnett opens his heart and bares his soul in an attempt to guide us through this deeply personal and at times unsettling look at the nature of love.

I would see you in all the doorways, it's that bad.
Or at traffic lights, waiting. And in restaurants
absorbed by talk of malt whisky, behind glass
reflective and resistant to my hopeful and hopeless

It is at times unnerving to be privy to thoughts this intimate, this passionate. Without apology, Sinnett exposes the reader to that part of our existence which not only inspires, but can reduce us to our most fragile state of being. Bold and brilliant, this is a piece of literature that becomes part of your psyche.

Mark Sinnett is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the Canadian literary scene. This, his second book of poetry, is a manifesto of his love which is unique in both its format and quality. His candor and courage makes "Some Late Adventure of the Feelings" an important contribution to Canadian poetry.

And outside, beyond this shape-shifting
paper and streaked window, a woman
moves her gaze from the wet road
to a light in the sky and she sings.

Socrates spoke of the beauty of thought and with his direct, touching and heartfelt collection of poems, Sinnett provides us with a powerful road map to the beauty which is love.

There are not enough superlatives to truly do justice to such an important work of art. Not since Rod McKuen has somebody delved this deeply into the majesty and beauty of love. Mark Sinnett's descriptive powers and sensual imagery lead us on a poetic journey which we will not soon forget.

I await eagerly Mr. Sinnett's next foray into the inner workings of human emotion. This is a book one first reads alone, then reads with their lover and finally reads to their lover. Sinnett has given us something that transcends time, a beautiful and exquisite work of passion and poetry that will be treasured by lovers for generations to come.

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