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Copy of a letter from Jonathan Allstyne, to the Rev. Mr. Marrant, dated Boston, May 23, 1787.

      "Rev Sir,
    "I have just left our friend the Rev. Mr. William Furmadge, whose strong recommendations in your behalf, assures me that you are a worthy soldier and servant of the great Emanuel, and that your exemplary life and pious working for the spiritual welfare of the flock you now lead towards Zion, becomes the shepherd of Isrol.  I am sorry that I did not meet you in your circular visits, as it would have prevented me from troubling you with this invitation of meeting me at Liverpool, about the latter end of July.  I long to converse with you, and to settle means for our correspondence.  Should you have occasion for money to travel with, pray apply to some friend, and I will furnish you (when we meet) with the opportunity to repay them.  Should you be in want of any temporary provision, pray let me know by your answer, and I will send you a supply.  And as I hear that you have a chapel, and that your people are drove to some extremes, you may very probably need some assistance towards its present establishment.  Should that be the case, and you will bring along with you an estimate signed by two or three of the most respected of your followers, I will on account of your brethren at home, enable you to carry your plans in full execution, as I am persuaded that you will obey this brotherly invitation.  Pray bring along with you a lift of your congregation, with the names of those you entrust with the classes.  My reason I shall make known when we meet.  Let me further exhort you my beloved that as you struggled with the difficulties of this temporal tabernacle, to manfully maintain the banner as becomes the true soldier and servant; so that we may jointly hail and receive the prize of immortal bliss, to our eternal and everlasting joy.  Grace be to you, and all of them of whatever denomination that love our Lord, our common father, in sincerity.  Amen, Amen, prays your fellow labourer, brother and servant

Jonathan Allstyne 
"P.S. Direct to me at
 Dr. Pembrook's,


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