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A letter from John Allstyne inviting Marrant to come and preach in Liverpool.

Annapolis Road

A letter from Ed Winslow informig Benjamin Marston about the plans to build a road from Port Roseway (Shelburne) to Annapolis Royal.

Blucke Pleads Mercy

A letter from Stephen Blucke pleading for leniency in the case of Thomas Foster

Huntingdon - Marrant

A short letter from Lady Huntingdon to John Marrant

Instructions to Lawson

Lawson's Instructions regarding the construction of barracks on Hamilton Point in Shelburne.

Skinner Re: Perkins' Slave

A letter from Samuel Skinner regarding the slave of Simeon Perkins' son.

Blucke Re: Roads

A letter from Stephen Blucke requesting funding for road repair around Birchtown.

Burke Re: Perkins' Slave

A letter from John Burke regarding a negro boy named Peter.
who cannot be delivered to Zebulon Perkins because Peter is in custody.


Skinner's letter to Secretary of State Dundas regarding the Sierra Leone Exodus.


Marrant's letter to Lady Huntingdon thanking her.

Margaret Blucke-Marrant

An interesting letter from MargaretMrsucke to Marrant. Brs. Blucke had left Stephen by 1789 and was writing Marrant to ask him what Stephen was up to.


Parr's letter to Governor Guy Carleton telling him that Port Roseway had been renamed Shelburne.

Marston Describes Shelburne

A long letter from Benjamin Marston describing the circumstances at Shelburne around 1785.

Slave Export

A letter protesting the export of a slave to the West Indies in defiance of local law.

White Re: Emancipation

A letter from Gideon White (a Shelburne landlord to sharecroppers) in Antigua, expressing dismay at the way the slaves had been emancipated.

Request to Extend King's Bounty

A letter from some of the Port Roseway Associates pleading that the rations be extended so as not to have the people at Shelburne starve to death.

Letter from John Robinson

A letter from John Robinson, stating who was mustered to him in 1784.

Letter of John Harris' indenture
Letter regarding the indenture of John Harris

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