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Halifax, May 30, 1784.

Dear Marston, -- I find by the instructions which regulate the conduct of General Campbell, that he is desirous to contribute all in his power to facilitate communication between the settlements in Nova Scotia, and to assist the new settlers in making roads, &c., and I know it to be his inclination to comply with his instructions; and I also know that he manifests a kind of partiality, or predilection, or whatever else you please to call it, for your city of Shelburne. The general and myself are to make the tour of the province. I shall set off the fourth of June for Annapolis, where both of us will remain some time. There are at that place about 300 men of the 57th Regiment, and you have five companies of the 37th at Shelburne. Now I shall propose that the General shall immediately employ both these detachments in opening the communication between Annapolis and Shelburne. . . .

This object to me appears important, and in my idea a business may be effected in one season, with the military assistance, without which it must be attended with immense expense and long delay. . . .

I am, with every sentiment of affection and esteem,


Ed. Winslow.

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