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     I have read your letter by Mr. *Boriay concerning the negro boy that Capt. Perkins carried to the West Indies. I have called on Capt. Perkins to know what he has done with the boy, he says was so bad that he couldn't keep him any longer. He did steal in this place and if the law, had been put in force against him he would have been hanged here and he did steal on board the vessel in the West Indies so that he had ten or fifteen pound to pay for the *Dormeg that he had done, and I think it is best that he is out of the province for it will save the trouble of hanging him here.
     Capt. Perkins tells me that he should the remainder of the time. So he is twenty one years old sold to a merchant in Antigua Mr. Stronion a man that is very well known by all the masters of vessels that goes there. Mr. Perkins says if his friends or anybody else is on *carry he will bring him back-

I am Sir your Honourable Servant
Benajah Cattins

Stephen Skinner Esquire