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Copy of a Letter from the Rev. Mr. Marrant, to Lady Huntingdon, dated North America, Nov. 24, 1788

    "I hope these few lines will find your Ladyship in good health, and all them that love the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am now getting a little better, thanks be to God, the Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ, for sparing me to see this day.  One of the greatest favours we can receive from virtuous human beings, is to find an opportunity of opening our hearts to them; in doing so we communicate to them an account of our afflictions; our friends naturally sympathize with us, and we are glad of their advice, that advice gives us the same refreshing pleasure as a shower of rain does the weary traveler in the desert of Arabia.  It is with a view of obtaining such comfort that I write to your Ladyship.  These lines informs your Ladyship my reason in doing so.  The bill your Ladyship will find enclosed is drawn by me in favour of Mrs. Margaret Neal.  The sum of ten pounds sterling, for value received; it is for things I had in the time of my illness, and the Lord blessed the means that was made use of for my body, so that I am able to go about.  I can say that it was good for me that I was afflicted, for here I learn the will of God.  I hope to go to Liverpool in a few days, to see the people of God, whom I long to see, that the Lord Jesus Christ will be pleased to enable me to go this journey to the glory of God, and to sing of his name in this world, so that I might die in the works of the Gospel.  If your Ladyship will be so kind to accept this bill, it will be the means of setting you unworthy servant on his way to the glorious works in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  May this meet with your Ladyship's approbation and love.  So no more from me at present,
    I remain you humble Servant, in Christ


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