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Extract of a letter written at New York, April 15th, 1783, by the committee to Sir Andrew Snape Hamond:

Our agents at Halifax have acquainted us how much you were pleased to interest yourself in our concerns, and how favorable your representations in our behalf were to the Secretary of State upon your arrival in England; and the manner in which you recommended us to the Governor of Nova Scotia has had visible marks of its efficiency, and we are convinced that through your interposition much good will arise from his attachment to us. These, sir, are matters which we hope will ever have their due effect upon the Association in general, and make the name of Hamond dear to every individual.

Since your departure from this continent our numbers are increased to upwards of 400 families, among which are some very respectable persons, who, we trust, will add dignity to our settlement. Our application to His Excellency Sir Guy Carleton has been duly attended to. He was pleased to promise us every assistance in his power. We were in hopes he would have granted us some necessary articles for building our houses, farming utensils; &c. But we were told nothing more could be granted than six months' Provisions, and proper Transports would be ready to convey us to Port Roseway by the 15th day of April. It is needless for us to attempt to describe our feelings, nor how much we shall be at a loss for utensils and necessaries for building houses, &c., and what difficulties must attend emigrants in our situation. Your knowledge of the climate will naturally suggest what our sufferings must be and how much embarrassed, without great exertions on our part, to procure some covering from the inclemency of the approaching winter.

Joseph Durfee, James Dole and Thomas Courtney on behalf of the Association.

  Graphic Developed by Jason Buchanan