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Government                                                                      Shelburne 20th Nov. 1787

To Isaac Hildrith, Deputy surveyor, for surveying and laying out 179 Lots of Land in the Trait, reserved by the Board of Agents for the Black People viz.  between the 6th October, and 10th November a 10th Friday


To Samuel Burling, Secretary to the late Board of Agents, for preparing Drafts, of the said land, furnishing the deputy Surveyor, with Institutions and directing the Division of the Lots, amongst, the location to complete the Return of survey necessary for the Surveyor General,


We certify that  the above Accounts is just and true, and that the Land therein mentioned has been surveyed, and regularly divided amongst the Black People of Birchtown, agree able to the directions of Isaac Wilkins Esquire President of the late Board of Agents in Shelburne  
   Sworn before me                                                                                                            S. Burling
    this 24th day of Nov. 1787  

I do hereby certify that 179 Lots of Land in the District of Birch Town has been surveyed and divided in the proportion of forty acres to each family and twenty acres to each single person, amongst the Black People of Birch Town.  Who were unprovided with land and are now duly located, thereon

Shelburne 20th Nov. 1787                                                                Stephen Blucke