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We the undersigned were appointed commissioners by his excellency Sir Colin Campbell at the Council held at Halifax on the 8th day of March 1839. Examine with the particulars of the debts and credits of the estate of Jupiter Farmer late of Shelburne deceased. We have therefore examined carefully the accounts handed to us by the administrators of the said estate and find that the debts due by the said administrator on the said estate amount to fifty two pounds and one penny half penny and there is no proceeds of personal property in his or their possession. The undersigned have also examined the authority under which the real estate of the deceased was held and find it to have been acquired by purchase on Enquiry made by us of the annual income from the income from the said real estate since the decease of the said Jupiter Farmer we are informed by his administrators that there has been nothing paid whatsoever and that we are of the opinion in its present state it will rent for three pound per annum and that were it sold it would bring thirty pounds. Dated at Shelburne
31st October 1839

Andrew Barclay
George H. Deinstadt
Thomas Johnson