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To the Worship
Magistrate of the County
of Shelburne in General
Sessions of the peace.

The petition of Stephen Blucke in behalf of himself and the other inhabitants of Birchtown and its neighbourhood.

Humbly Sheweth!

      That the inhabitants of Birchtown and its neighbourhood, to the number of eighty souls and upwards, have been called upon by Colonel Blucke, the overseer of the read leading to Round Bay to do their statute labour and have actually turned out and done the same on that road between Birchtown and Colonel Bluckes lands as will appear to the court by the annexed certificate.

      That the road leading from Birchtown to Shelburne inlet, in joins Mr. Farish's road is in many places almost impossible for boat passengers and entirely so for cattle or carriages and the statutes labour of all the said inhabitants being already expended as above mentioned that road must remain another year in its present bad status to the great injury of the said inhabitants-unless the court are pleased to afford them some relief.

      That from the great number of the said inhabitants upwards of three hundred souls who for many necessaries depend upon what they can carry to Shelburne market during the winter season on their backs or on hand sleighs year petitioner is due to hope the court will think their situation worthy of their attention.

      The therefore humbly prays the court may be pleased to grant relief in this particular to the said inhabitants by allowing them five pounds out of the license duty, to be laid out and before mentioned under the care and direction of such persons as your worship shall think proper and petitioner will ever pray-

Birchtown                                                                                                   Stephen Blucke
6th July 1791