List of works
Point Prim beach
Old wharf, Rustico
Rustico Moon
Rustico Wharves
Earth Mother
Two Trees in a Strange Landscape
Tree #1
Tree #2
Blue Heron
Evening Sky
Cherry Valley Sunset
Bird Dancer
Cliff Goddess
Rock Goddess
Bird Goddess
The Guardian
Magic Landscape Goddess
Ocean Spirit

Point Prim beach
Point Prim beach, 1999

Old wharf, Rustico, 1998

Old wharf, Rustico

Cherry Valley Sunset

Cherry Valley Sunset, 1986
Rustico Wharves, 1997

4- Rustico Wharves

The Guardian


The Guardian, 1996


Magic Landscape Goddess, 1989

Magic Landscape Goddess

6- Two Trees in a Strange Landscape


Two Trees in a Strange Landscape, 1998

Ambika Gail Rutherford was born in Sydney, Australia, and has been resident of Canada since 1975. Educated in Australia (Dip Ad, AESTC) she has lived and worked in Spain, England and the USA before immigrating to Canada.

She has exhibited regularly, with solo shows in Sydney, Australia, Ibizaand Palma de Mallorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands, Port Merion, Wales, in the U.K., London, England and Columbia, Missouri in the USA. Since arriving in Canada she has had one-person shows with the Pollack Gallery, Toronto in 1976, Nancy Poole's Studio, Toronto in 1979, the Great George Street Gallery in Charlottetown, P.E.I., in 1984 and at the Confederation Center for the Arts Gallery in Charlottetown in 1986. An exhibition of landscapes at the Island Posters Gallery was shown in 1999.

Group shows in Canada include Pollack Gallery, Aviva Art Auction in Toronto, the Ontario Society of Artists, Nancy Poole's Studio, the Great George Street Gallery, P.E.I., the Sales and Rental Gallery in the Guild, Arts Guild, Charlottetown, P.E.I., the Printmakers Council of P.E.I., and the Dunes Gallery, Brackley, P.E.I..

Her work is represented in major corporate, public and private collections. These include the Confederation Center of the Arts, P.E.I., Department of Education, P.E.I., Esso, Nikko Securities (Canada Ltd ), Standard Chartered Bank, William Neilson Ltd. Capital Markets Corporation and Curran Publishers.

Artist's Statement:
My work is concerned with outer and inner landscapes: the hills and the harbors of Prince Edward Island with its oceanic light and the inner landscapes of the mind and heart. I worked with luminosity of watercolor for the direct landscapes and turn to the tonal riches of etching for the inner landscapes. The slow process of development the image on the pale helps me evolve these inner images