List of works
Les seigneurs de l'infini présent
Croisade des grands chemins
Veille sur nos secrets dorés
A la conquête de l'autre univers
Offrande de la tribu
Énergie cosmique du désir
Tinamov, Jazz
Chemin de la destinée
Le grand saut
La communion sur une île flottante
Le mirage fusionnel
Festivités de la conception

A la conquête de l'autre univers, 1999

Les seigneurs de l'infini présent, 1996
Tinamov, Jazz, 1999

Veille sur nos secrets dorés, 1999

Le grand saut, 1999

Chemin de la destinée, 1996


While completing her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at the Université de Québec à Montréal (UQUAM), Louise Ladouceur studied the technique of woodcutting. In 1980, she began research in the medium as a professional artist at the Graff studio in Montreal, which specialized in graphic arts. She continued her professional work in the technique, also known as xylography.

Towards the end of the 1980's, Louise Ladouceur added fabric painting and fashion design to her creative repertoire. Besides designing her own collections, she started a collaboration with New York designer Lucerne Labidou, which continues to this day. By the end of the 1990's, Louise Ladouceur was contributing on a contractual basis to various New York fashion production companies.

Interested by the art of illustration, Louise Ladouceur works from time to time as an illustrator. She has also developed gouache as a new medium which she used in her personal productions.

At the present time, Louise Ladouceur is a member of the Graff studio, where she teaches the technique of woodcutting. She is also a printer in this technique. She has been a member of the Québec council of Engraving for a number of years.

The images created by Louise Ladouceur take the viewer on a voyage among nations and hold the memory of the history of our world. The multiple signs and symbols in her work describe various states of consciousness. This is a world which celebrates the feminine psyche. Earth and cosmos unite in a continually spiraling energy. This world, freed from its limitations and boundaries, opens the potential of rebirth. Louise Ladouceur's work is a life-affirming allegory.