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Processed Products Regulations

For more detailed information on the regulations and inspection of processed products please visit the Processed Fruits and Vegetables Products Page.

The information below explains the mandatory labelling requirements for processed fruits and vegetables subject to the Processed Products Regulations (PPR) under the Canada Agricultural Products Act (CAPA). This Act and the Regulations made there under apply when processed fruits and vegetables listed in the regulated products table are sold in interprovincial trade, international trade or marked with a grade.

The labelling requirements for process and fruits and vegetables subject to the PPR are stated in part IV - Marking of the PPR. Those products are also subject to the following Acts and Regulations:

  • Food and Drugs Act (FDA);
  • Food and Drug Regulations (FDR);
  • Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act (CPLA)*
  • Consumer Packaging and Labelling Regulations (CPLR).*

*For prepackaged products for retail sale in Canada.

NOTE: All the regulatory requirements stated apply also to products destined for hotels, restaurants and institutions (HRI).


Principal Display Surface (PDS) means, in most cases, the total area or surface that is displayed or is visible under normal conditions of sale or use. This usually does not include the side(s), top, or the bottom of containers. In the case of a container that does not have a particular side for display e.g., round can), the PDS is 40 per cent of the total surface area of the container, excluding the top and bottom. (For the complete definition, please refer to Section 2 of the CPLR.)

As the common name, net quantity and grade must be declared on the "principal display panel", its meaning is summarized as:

"Principal Display Panel (PDP)" means, in most cases, the label that is applied to the PDS and is visible under normal conditions of sale or use.

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