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Writing for the Big and the Little by author Natalie Buske Thomas

July 30/2000 - Creating characters for both children and adult markets
June 25/2000 - Top 5 Issues for Authors Who Write for Both Adults and Children

The Road to Publishing
by Nancy Duncan
May 6/2000 - The Leap From Dream to Print

The History of Mystery by Nancy Mehl

July 9/2000 - The 'Saintly' Side of Mystery: G.K. Chesterton
June 4/2000 - The Game's Afoot!
May 1/2000 - Just Where Did Mystery Begin?

All About E-books by Lisa Eagleson-Roever

July 30/2000 - Ebook Update: Signs of Maturity
June 4/2000 - Time Warner Takes the Ebook Plunge
March 21/2000 - The Aftermath of Riding the Bullet
March 16/ 2000 - Who Are Stephen King's E-Publishers and What Do They Do?
Feb 28/ 2000 - Confessions of a Slow Convert & E-books and the Future - If Any

From the Trenches by author Susan McBride

July 9/2000 - Strength in Numbers: Creating The Deadly Divas
May 21/2000 -
Attending Conventions and Conferences
May 6/2000
- Does Size Really Matter? The Big Rise of the Small Press - Part Two
April 23/2000 -
Does Size Really Matter? The Big Rise of the Small Press - Part One
March 21/2000 - Is There Life After Publication?
Mar 9 / 2000 - The New Golden Age of Mysteries
Feb 28 / 2000 - Out of the Mouths of Babes
Feb 9 / 2000 - In the beginning was the Word...

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