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Updated July 30, 2000

Morgan Ann Adams - Reviewed by Morgan Ann Adams

Author Susan Albert - Reviewed by Susan Albert

Editor Charlotte Austin - Reviewed by Charlotte Austin

Marion E. Cason - Reviewed by Marion E. Cason

Andrea Collare - Reviewed by Andrea Collare

General fiction Editor Nancy Duncan, MSW - Reviewed by Nancy Duncan

Ebook Editor Lisa Eagleson-Roever - Reviewed by Lisa Eagleson-Roever

Julie Failla Earhart - Reviewed by Julie Failla Earhart

Diane Gotfryd - Reviewed by Diane Gotfryd

UK Editor Rachel A. Hyde - Reviewed by Rachel A. Hyde

Canadian Editor Zaheera Jiwaji - Reviewed by Zaheera Jiwaji

South African author Faith Leslie - Reviewed by Faith Leslie

Maria Y. Lima - Reviewed by Maria Y. Lima

Author Susan McBride - Reviewed by Susan McBride

Mystery Editor and author Nancy Mehl
- Reviewed by Nancy Mehl

Senior Mystery Reviewer and author PJ Nunn - Reviewed by PJ Nunn

Devorah Stone - Reviewed by Devorah Stone

South African author Marie Thorpe - Reviewed by Marie Thorpe

Author Robert Tolins - Reviewed by Robert Tolins

Author Phillip Tomasso III - Reviewed by Phillip Tomasso III

South African Editor Merilyn Tomkins - Reviewed by Merilyn Tomkins

Bev Walton-Porter - Reviewed by Bev Walton-Porter

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