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The Native Veterans Association of Northwestern Ontario was founded by the late Charles "Willy" John. Willy was an Ojibway of the Red Rock Band located at Lake Helen Reserve near Nipigon, Ontario. He was a veteran of the Second World War. His dream of forming an organization of Native  veterans became a reality and a founding meeting took place on November 11, 1988. Native veterans and families came across Northwestern Ontario and participated in a Remembrance Day service on Mount McKay in Thunder Bay.

Mount McKay - Mt. McKay Memorial Cross dedicated to Indian Soldiers of World War I. The cross itself was wooden.

Photo Credit:
Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society

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Mount McKay is located on the Fort William First Nation Reserve. The significance of the gathering and ceremony on Mount McKay is historical. It is where a large wooden cross was once erected in honour of Indian soldiers who fought and died in World War One. It was first erected in 1919. It has since been replaced by a large white concrete cross. The cross on the mountain is a cenotaph that memorializes the contribution by Indians and veterans of Northwestern Ontario. The gathering dedicated the cross to include not only Indian veterans of the First World War but also of the Second World War, Korean War, Vietnam, Gulf War and Peacekeeping Services.

Mount McKay - Mt. McKay Memorial Cross dedicated to Indian Soldier of World War I. This is a concrete structure.

Photo Credit:
Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society
977.113. 310B

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The gathering also included a feast and powwow which was held in honour of the Indian veterans. In the traditions of the Anishinabe, veterans are held in high regard. In the ceremony of the powwow it is often the veterans who carry the National flags into the circle during Grand Entry. These flags include the eagle staff which is the National flag of the Anishinabe people, the Canada flag and the U.S. flag. These flags are honoured by the Flag Song. Then there is the Veterans song. A World War Two soldier drum was brought from Manitou Rapids Reserve to honour this historic gathering of Indian veterans. As the Veteran Song begins, all those who served in the military dance in the circle first and then all family members join in and finally everyone is invited to dance in honour of our country's protectors. The song and dance ceremonies instill an emotional pride that we are free and live in peace. The Anishinabe word for soldier is Shimaginish however, ancient warrior title are still used such as Ogichidaa or Minnissino. The translations all mean a person whose ultimate and unconditional duty is protector of the people.

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Willy John was one of those people. His continuing dream was to have a local historical book compiled about Indian contribution during the wars. His wish was to have the book become part of the school curriculum so that all people become aware of what the Anishinabe veterans did for Canada. He also wanted Anishinabe children to learn and be proud of their people's military heritage. The Native Veterans have adopted the red poppy and eagle feather as their official logo.

Memorial Photo Gallery of the Mount McKay Memorial Site and Remembrance Day

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Sun on the Cross
mckay2.jpg (56240 bytes)
Frank Michon w./ the Staff
mckay3.jpg (69677 bytes)
Frank Banning
mckay4.jpg (57646 bytes)
Remembrance Day 1996
mckay5.jpg (73300 bytes)
Frank and Betty Banning
mckay6.jpg (63350 bytes)
Laying Offering
mckay7.jpg (55548 bytes)
Plaque for the Cross
mckay8.jpg (55624 bytes)
Plaque for the Native Veterans
mckay9.jpg (60414 bytes)
Plaque Listing the Names
mckay13.jpg (83252 bytes)
Standing with the Colour Guard
mckay17.jpg (54667 bytes)
Cross w./ all the Flags
mckay15.jpg (53297 bytes)
Wider Shot of the Cross
mckay16.jpg (62286 bytes)
Cross Close-up
mckay14.jpg (89905 bytes)
Standing with the
Colour Guard
mckay10.jpg (97787 bytes)
Chapel on the Mountain
mckay11.jpg (46621 bytes)
Mike Orwick
mckay12.jpg (79555 bytes)
Cross on the Mountain