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Senior Management Structure

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Flowchart - Senior Management Structure. Explanation of the chart is below Vice-President Business Transformation Public Affairs Vice-President Business Transformation Human Ressources Policy and Programs Human Ressources Information management and information technology Legal Services Human Ressources Corporate Secretariat Operation Audit, Evaluation and Risk Oversight Science Corporate management

Full Senior Management Structure – PDF (109 kb)

G. Da Pont, President of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Supporting the President:

  • M. Komarynsky, Executive Vice-President
  • Doctor B. Evans, Chief Food Safety Officer and Chief Veterinary Officer for Canada
  • G. Wolff, Departmental Assistant
  • Doctor P. Muthukumarasamy, Senior Advisor to the President

Reporting to the Office of the President:

Others who report to the Office of the President:

  • B. Smith, Acting Executive Director of Audit, Evaluation and Risk Oversight
  • V. McGuire, Executive Director of Corporate Secretariat
  • S. Curtis-Micallef, General Counsel and Head of Legal Services

Detailed organization structure: