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The word "discovery" means different things to different people. An archaeologist might discover the remains of a lost civilization, and an artist might discover a new painting technique that he or she had never used before. These discoveries could be things that other people may already know but that we are learning about for the first time.

This is the way it was for the Vikings and the other early explorers who reached the shores of what is now known as Canada. The land wasn't new to the Native people who were already living there. They had discovered it many years before. But it was a new discovery for the Vikings and other Europeans.

It may seem that there aren't many women on the site. It's true that most explorers we read about in books are men, but you can be sure that women were involved too. Without the participation of women, especially Native women, few explorers would have reached their destinations.


You can explore and make your own discoveries! Travel back in time over a thousand years and meet some of these men and women who explored the many regions of Canada. Some of their adventures will amaze you, others you may find revolting, and some you may not believe!

You will find the explorers and their stories organized by the date of their major explorations.


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