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This recently rediscovered document is a lively and descriptive account of life as a Black Loyalist in Nova Scotia. We have omitted the sermons included in the origibnal publication, and have moved the letters included at the end of the publication into the letters section.

Pages 3-13- After his ordination Marrant traveled from England to Nova Scotia, while on ship he converted many of his fellow travelers.

Pages 14-23- Marrant describes his travels and gives an account of one woman who treated him badly and soon after was saved by the Lord.

Pages 24-33- Marrant recounts some stories of the storms he encountered during his travels on the water.

Pages 34-43- Marrant describes the story of him being locked out of the meeting-house in Birchtown

Pages 44-53- While Marrant was preaching at Ragged Island he got sick and was forced to stay, he describes their living conditions and how he regained his strength.

Pages 54-63- Marrant was experiencing a lot of trouble; he got lost in the forest on his travels and was being harassed by his enemies.

Pages 64-73- Marrant traveled to Boston and while there he preached and taught school.

Pages 74-78 -Marrant sums up his experience as a preacher and gives an account of some people who died with faith in God.

Letter from Lady Huntingdon to Marrant

Letter from Jonathan Allstyne to Marrant

Letter from Marrant to Lady Huntingdon

Letter from Margaret Blucke to Marrant

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